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Surgery was a success!

on January 23, 2013

Surgery was a success! The vet removed three tumors, which are going to be biopsied. (I originally found two, but it turns out one of the two was just fatty tissue. Our awesome vet found two more real tumors in the X-rays, for a grand total of three.)

And the fact that Rosie was able to have surgery means something great: The tumors haven’t metastasized! I am ecstatic. I do not know what the future holds; however, I am so thankful that my baby Bee is now tumor-free. Now she can rest, recuperate and be spoiled rotten (haha, like she wasn’t before? :p).

Thank you all for your prayers, purrs and good thoughts! We appreciate them.

-Susan and Rosie Bee 🙂

4 responses to “Surgery was a success!

  1. Good Noos! We’re sending comforting purrrrrrrrss to Rosie & her bean.

  2. Oh, you’re a new blogger. Nice to meet you. So glad Rosie came through her surgery well. Hope she will be with you for many years. Purrs and pawtaps.

  3. That is great news that Rosie’s surgery was a success. We are purring for her good recovery.

  4. Rene S says:

    That’s great news–and now I know you’re going to love her up tonight.

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