The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

The Queen Bee

on January 24, 2013

Rosie relaxing

Day 1 post-op, Rosie is doing okay. Unfortunately, I cannot stay home from work to be with her. Thankfully, my mom will be stopping in throughout the day. While Rosie is moving around okay, I’m ready to call the vet for extra pain meds if need be. In fact, he made a point of saying “don’t hesitate to call,” which was nice. My Rosie is a tough little girl.

She ate some food late last night, but this morning she doesn’t seem interested at all. I even gave her to choices and she walked away from both. Any ideas or suggestions?

6 responses to “The Queen Bee

  1. Brenda, Boots & Ozzie says:

    We are so happy to hear that Rosie made it through the surgery and is on the road to recovery! You might try heating up the food in the microwave for a few seconds to make it extra stinky!

    Brenda, Boots & Ozzie

  2. Rene S says:

    I’m sorry she is not interested in eating–though, given the extent of her surgery, I’m not surprised. It’s not my favorite food, but you could try a fish-flavor of Fancy Feast, slightly warmed. I’ve used that to jump-start a cat’s appetite.

    You could also try chicken or turkey baby food, also slightly warmed. These come in the tiny baby food jars.

    As a last resort, there is an antihistimine that is known to jump start appetites your vet could give you. I can’t remember the name offhand–but your vet’s office should know it.

  3. Everycat says:

    Rosie is still going to be sore after that big surgery. Vets usually give a long lasting pain relief medicine before the op and this might just be right out of her system now, so we’d suggest getting some more pain meds for her from your great vet. Muscle surgery is very ouchy.

    Warming up the food is great advice upthread. Does Rosie have any favourite foods you could try her with? Nice warm roast chicken works for us, especially the skin which is especially tasty.

    Still sending rumbly purrs

    Gerry & Mungo

  4. Everycat says:

    PS: That’s a lovely picture of Rosie, we think she knows how beautiful she is!

  5. Rene S says:

    I remembered that drug name (the antihistimine): cyproheptadine (sp).

    • Roberta says:

      Rosie looks amazing after surgery. She has been through so much in life but she is a survivor. I bet she starts eating again when she is very hungry. My Tiny didn’t eat after he got his vaccinations but he was really hungry the next day.

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