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Happy Valentine’s Day!

on February 15, 2013

It’s been a week!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all have enjoyed a lovely day. I am very glad I made it to (almost) Friday. This week has just been crazy busy. There have been some changes at work – nothing bad, but my workload has definitely increased, leaving me really wiped out this week. Ah, well, job security!

Thankfully, I’ve been coming home to a happy, healing Rosie Bee. She’s doing so well, it’s hard to imagine that she has pretty major surgery just a few weeks ago! I really cannot believe how quickly she bounced back – and how quickly everything changed! No wonder I’m so wiped out, haha.

I’ve been trying to get a snapshot of her tummy, but so far my camera is never around when she rolls on her back. I can tell you that her fur is growing in nicely, all the bruising is gone, and if you look at her you’d be hard-pressed to see she had surgery. It’s really amazing.

Her elbow was shaved for surgery. You can see how nicely (and quickly!) the fur is growing in.

Her elbow was shaved for surgery. You can see how nicely (and quickly!) the fur is growing in.

One thing has changed: She is spoiled to no end now, and I think she knows this. Her appetite is back 100%, but she’s become a bit more selective about what she’ll eat! Right after her surgery, her appetite was a little off. To entice her to eat, I got a nice selection of frou-frou food from the pet store. I figured she’d go back to her regular food. Nope! She is definitely the Queen Bee. But I figure as long as it’s good food, I don’t mind giving in. I’m just going to have a keep an eye out for sales. 😉

I love when she tucks her paws up so daintily like this!

I love when she tucks her paws up so daintily like this!

4 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Rene Schweitzer says:

    Yeah for new fur growing in! I too love when cats tuck their paws in like that–Benny does it all the time.

  2. Bob says:

    She’s not spoiled – she knows you owe her big time, now, and will let you work off this debt with treats and scratches!

  3. everycat says:

    Aaah Rosie Bee, you are looking very fine there. We are so glad that you have brought your Mum to heal there by insisting on special food. Don’t let up for a minute!

    Gerry & Mungo

    • Roberta says:

      It’s so good to see you looking beautifur again, Rosie Bee. Your love for her has helped her heal quickly, Susan. You have spoiled her silly but she is definitely worth it.

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