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Tough day

on May 6, 2013

I picked up Rosie’s ashes on Friday. 😦 It was a very difficult day. However, I did want to share a few nice things:

Everyone at the vet was wonderful. Very compassionate and kind. They also did a lovely job with her paw print.

Rosie's paw print

Rosie’s paw print

The picture is a little upside-down, but you can see her name near the bottom.

I also got a little snippet of her fur.

Rosie's multicolored fur

Rosie’s multicolored fur

This was really difficult to even type up! I miss her so, so, SO much. But maybe with this…I dunno. Maybe this is a milestone, and after this things will get a little easier? I do have to say, it means a lot to have these items, and I am very touched by how kind everyone at the vet was. They definitely made a difference during this awful time.

2 responses to “Tough day

  1. rykmau says:

    I, too, had my first two kitties cremated and the vet’s office gave me an impression of Romeow’s paw print (just like Rosie’s). It’s nice to have Whiskers and Romeow with me and I can still hug their ashes when I think about them. Rosie’s fur is beautiful. I wish I had gotten Whiskers’ fur when the vet asked me but I thought it would upset me more. I now regret that decision. It’s been over a year since I lost both kitties and I still miss them terribly but it gets easier with time and Tiny has been a great distraction. I know you will find another kitty to love but Rosie will never be forgotten.

  2. Rene S says:

    Oh those are both so sweet. I love the claw marks with the paw print. I know you’ll treasure these items always.

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