The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

two black kitties

This looks like Grizzy and Sophie!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! I think this is such a neat day. I actually had no idea that black cats were so maligned, but then I had not one but two passing experiences in shelters where people loudly and clearly expressed their distaste for black cats. One woman passed by the cage and instead of saying nothing, made sure to announce – complete with mock shiver – that she would “never adopt a black cat. Never!” Eesh. I remember thinking “Who asked you?!”

I didn’t set out to adopt black cats; I was just looking for some kitties who needed a good home. The right cats found me – and what do you know! – they just so happened to be black. They also happen to so loving, so fun, and quite stunning, if I do say so myself! I like how, from farther away, all you can see is eyes. lol And I think it’s just so cool that they have their own special day.

I also discovered that Grizzy’s “girlfriend” (aka a neighborhood cat that’s been stopping by the past few nights) is black, too! Maybe she figured she’d be welcome here. 🙂


Introducing Sophie!


Introducing Miss Sophie!

I’m so pleased to announce that I have a mew addition! Her name is Sophie. Sophie is going on five months old. She originated as the same shelter where I got Grizzy, but she was then transferred to a shelter very close to my home. It was by total chance that I went to the shelter and saw her. It was actually my mom who said “Hey, do you want to stop by?” I remember telling her I would love to get a longer-haired kitty, although I’d be happy no matter what the hair, so long as s/he was a good fit for me and Grizzy.

When I saw Miss Sophie with her hair I immediately was “Ohhhh!” I decided to visit her a bit to see how she was. Within moments I knew she was the one. Her energy and spunk are such a great match for Grizzy. He took to her right away. There were a few displays of dominance (aka “Let me pin you down and lick you”), but that’s tapered off. Griz never growled, swatted, or was mean to Sophie, which was such a relief for me. (Miss Rosie Bee was definitely the queen bee here and wanted NOTHING to do with other cats! So having a smooth transition was great.)

I made sure to give him some extra cuddles the first few days especially, so he wouldn’t feel slighted. But I have to say, they are just great together. Now my little kitty family is complete. 🙂

Sophie and Grizzy

Sophie and Griz like to chill together

I still think it’s so funny how things worked out. Honestly, I never thought I’d have a solid-colored kitties! I guess after Rosie’s patchwork colors, I thought I’d always have to have a cat with some variation in tones – white and another color, or dilute calico, etc. It makes me chuckle to think how I thought that but now I have two solids. But it really was meant to be. I could not be happier with Mr. Griz and Miss Sophie, and I feel very fortunate that they picked me.


Grizzy: All Clear


I’ve had Grizzy for going on a month now, and what a month it’s been. My poor guy wasn’t eating, which freaked me out. Turned out he had a double ear infection. 😦 He was a champ about the ear drops and things seemed to be improving. Then on day 8 he started scratching his ears again. D’oh! A visit to the vet showed that he had a *yeast* infection in both ears. I wonder if this could have happened from the antibiotics? Regardless, poor Grizzy!

In between that was The Tapeworm. YES. I will spare you the details, but suffice to say, I am scarred for life. And I think Mr. G has had his fill of the vet!

That said, the most important thing is things seem to be all clear for my Grizzy guy. I was worried a bit because during the second ear treatment, it seemed like he was losing weight even though he was eating and playing plenty. He seemed so skinny. However, the vet gave him the thumbs-up and said 9 lbs is a good, healthy weight for him. To me, he seems a bit slim, but I guess he’s just a lean, buff boy kitty. (A bit of a change from my lil’ butterball Rosie. :))

His fur seems to be a lot shinier the last few days, too; such a difference than when I first adopted him! I think Griz is all fixed up and I’m so happy. I feel like I can finally breathe and not give him the full inspection when I hug him. I know in the grand scheme of things his were minor issues, but after losing Rosie, even the small things seem huge. So I am very thankful to have a healthy, happy Griz!

Here is a picture our friend Rene took of Griz. He really enjoys the middle “tube” on his cat tower! (He’s in there right now, in fact.)

Grizzy in his cat tower

Grizzy’s favorite spot