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Poor Sophie!

on September 16, 2013

I woke up this morning and fed the kitties, as usual. About 10 minutes later I heard that sound…the sound of food making its way back up. :/ A few minutes after that, I was on my hands and knees cleaning it up. Poor Sophie.

Maybe a half-hour later there was round two, only this was considerably less. I’m not sure if it’s something she ate, or maybe she ate too fast? I do know that this morning she didn’t immediately run to the food, which was odd. This was the first time either cat urped food, so I was a little worried. Thankfully, Sophie seemed back to normal within an hour or so. In fact, she couldn’t wait to explore a new laundry basket I brought home. 🙂

Sophie In a Basket

Sophie In a Basket*

I’m going to keep an eye on her the next couple days, though. I’m an overprotective cat mom, I guess!

*I hate it when the camera flash is on auto (which should flash only if it’s really dark) and then flashes. Argh! I made it up to Miss Sophie with a few extra cuddles.

2 responses to “Poor Sophie!

  1. rykmau says:

    I’m so glad Sophie is back to her old self. Cats tend to eat fast and just swallow their food so I chop Tiny’s food into little pieces. He hasn’t thrown up since then. She looks so cute in the laundry basket.

  2. Rene S says:

    It could be a hairball. Sometimes, one of our gang will be a little off for a day or so. Maybe give her some hairball treatment?

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