The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Adventures in Photo Taking

I love the picture from my last post (the Halloween card), but it’s funny how I got that shot. I’d been trying on and off for *at least* two weeks. It’s hard getting two curious kitties to pose by a pumpkin! Sophie was on the grey blanket by the pumpkin, so I grabbed my camera thinking “At least I can grab a couple pics of her.”

Then this happened:


Grizzy got off the back of the chair to see what all the action was about. I started to get hopeful that maybe he would sit somewhere near the pumpkin, so I could get a “Griz and Sophie and hey! there’s a pumpkin” picture. But then…

(Haha, Grizzy’s expression makes me laugh every time. It’s like he’s thinking “What the heck do you think YOU’RE doing?)

Closer…closer…sit please, please so I can get this photo!


I was *really* excited and nervous at this point. I moved so I could get a better angle. And then I got this masterpiece:


Grizzy’s eyes just kill me! HAHA! He looks so silly. The shot right after this was the perfect picture and the one I put on our Halloween card. Of course, I got that shot and boom! Sophie got up to check out the camera.


Happy Halloween!