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Argh, and advice needed

on December 9, 2013

It seems we have a chewer on our hands! Little Miss Sophie has chewed through three cords (phone chargers). Anyone have advice on how to get kittens to *not* chew on things? Any ideas as to *why* she chews? I try to keep both her and Griz active with toys (currently their favorite is running after a long piece of ribbon). I feel horrible, like I’m a bad cat mom, causing her to stress out or whatever is driving her to destroy cords, but I’ve never had this issue before. Any advice is appreciated! I’ve looked online but that can be overwhelming and conflicting…so I appreciate “real person” advice. šŸ™‚

So, because my current charger doesn’t sync with my computer (even though it said it would, but hey, it was only $6), I cannot download pictures until tomorrow. However, I was able to email myself a snapshot from my phone. I tried my hand at cropping/editing this. Not great, but it’s the current state of the kittehs. I thought it was so cute, because it’s the perfect snowy December evening outside and they both are snuggled up on the winter fleece.

Snuggled up on a snowy eve.

Snuggled up on a snowy eve.

(Argh, naturally I can’t get it to be horizontal. Ah, well. Maybe I can bolster my Creative Suite skills now that I’m done with school! More on that coming this week. :))

Have a great week!

2 responses to “Argh, and advice needed

  1. rykmau says:

    Aww, so adorable. I’m so sorry to hear that Sophie likes chewing on your cords.

  2. Rene S says:

    She’s going through that kitten-chewing stage. :-/ You can buy some small dog chew toys (I did this with Sadie) and tiny rawhide sticks. You can lightly coat any cords with some hot sauce. Or, I think pet stores sell cord protectors (or I know you can go to Home Depot and buy some clear tubing to protect cords).

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