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Welcome, Grizzy!

Welcome, Grizzy!

This card to Grizzy’s adoption story!

When I adopted Grizzy, my friend Rene sent this sweet, sweet card. Every time I look at it I break out in a huge smile. The kitty is just so adorable. And it’s just so perfect, because it’s my Grizzy! He’s such a little baby and the cat on the card totally reminds me of him. I’m so glad he’s my baby, and I love him, as well as this card. This is something I will always keep, and whenever I need a smile, all I need to do is look at it (and then give my G a squeeze).


Grizzy’s adoption story

I can hardly believe it’s been almost seven months since I adopted Grizzy! I love my little furbaby to bits. Here is his adoption story:

After Rosie crossed the bridge, I knew I wanted another cat, but I wasn’t ready right away. I took my time and grieved. As time went on, friends would nicely ask about me adopting again, and they would send links to potential furkids. It was really nice, and it helped me get ready to adopt. Finally, the day came when I had the feeling: I was ready to start looking for my new four-legged companion.

I almost adopted a couple great cats, but something held me back. I kept looking. Then my former boss suggested I stop by a local shelter where she volunteers – and which happens to be close to my workplace. One day, I decided to go during my lunch hour.

When I walked in, I saw several “viewing” cubes with adoptable cats. One was a beautiful mom cat that wasn’t quite ready for adoption…I so wanted her, but it also made my heart ache because it seemed too close to Rosie’s situation. I looked at the other cubes.

Pick me!

Pick me!

Two black boy kitties immediately began pawing at the window. (You could almost hear my heartstrings being pulled.) I asked to look at them both.

The first guy was the smaller of the two, with handsome burnt-orange eyes. He was very sweet and VERY energetic. We’re talking bouncing-off-the-walls energy. He seemed wonderful! Then I had a moment of panic when I realized, “I have another one to look at!” I didn’t know how I would choose, as they both seemed great at first glance (and Mr. Burnt-Orange Eyes, at first visit). I sent up a silent prayer to God that He would give me a sign. They both seemed like such good matches…

The adoption counselor (who, by the way, was so nice and knowledgeable and really great overall), brought in Grizzy*. He was a little bigger, with bright green eyes. He was a little more mellow than Mr. BOE, but still made time to check out the room, try out a couple sprints, and move in for some rubs. (I have to laugh, because every time I rubbed him, a big cloud of hair would trail behind. I feel so bad for shelter cats, being so stressed like that.)

At this point, I was in a full panic; I had no idea how I would choose! Both cats just seemed wonderful, and I really felt like that day was The Day to get a cat. There was no set deadline, or reason that it had to be that day; instead, it was just a knowing that “this will be the day.”

I moved to the floor to be closer to Griz. I sat back on my heels, with my knees on the floor. It was then that Grizzy jumped up in my lap, curled up, and put his head down. That’s when I knew. A few seconds later he jumped down, almost like he was trying out my lap! and resumed walking back and forth for rubs.

Re-enactment of our first meeting. Only I was wearing a black dress, lol.

Re-enactment of our first meeting. Only I was wearing a black dress, lol.

I couldn’t take him home that day, due to an out-of-town guest coming that night. (I thought it would be a little chaotic for Grizzy.) So I filled out the paperwork to pick him up the next day, when I had off.

The next day I was so excited! I even called to see if we could bump up the “take home time,” which we did. Hurrah! I’m glad we did, because the shelter was having computer problems, so it took quite a bit longer than usual. That was fine, as I knew my G would soon be home with me. It was also a nice summer day, so we chatted with the people coming in and out.

Finally, we got him in his crate, complete with a little crocheted blanket, got in the car, and started the drive home. It was me, my mom, and my nephew. I was driving, my mom in the front, my nephew in the back with Grizzy.

It’s about a 25-minute ride from the shelter to my house, taking the back roads. Nice and easy. A very nice summer day, we had the windows down, there was a nice breeze…and suddenly an odd smell. My mom turned to me asked, “Did the cat pee?”

She turned around to my nephew, who was playing his DL. He looked up and said, “Yeah, he peed.” OMG the smell! LOL!! G had been neutered only a few days before, so it was pungent. Holy smokes. At the time, I didn’t know it was due to hormones; I was NOT about to take him back, but I DO remember thinking, “Huh. I’m going to have to invest in some heavy-duty air-fresheners for his box area…”.

We got home, giggling about the situation. It smelled awful, but it was funny. We got G out of the crate and *poured* it out. Literally poured – there was so much pee! I felt so bad then, because Grizzy must have been so scared. Poor guy.

Inside, my mom helped me wash off G’s backside and legs, as he had squatted in it. Oh my lord, the smell. We dried him a bit and G promptly hid under the couch. When he finally came out (maybe five minutes later), we brushed him and removed what seemed like five pounds of old fur. His fur felt a little thin and rough, but not horrible. I knew it would grow in healthy and shiny as he adjusted and got better nutrition and much less stress.

Over the next several days, Grizzy would usually be under the couch – until I peeked under there and called to him. As soon as I did that, he’d army crawl out and sit my me or investigate the rest of the place.

For the first few days, he really didn’t eat much. He was also really skinny. I panicked. I took him back to see the shelter vet, who checked him out and didn’t find anything. She chalked it up to stress. He got skinnier. My heart was breaking.

Skinny! :(

Skinny! 😦

A couple days later I took him to my vet for a check-up. Turns out he had an ear infection (and had had ear mites). Whew! I figured that must have turned his appetite. (And as a side note, the crap they dug out of his ears was fascinating in a disgusting way, lol.) We got some medication (ear drops) and were on our merry way.

G was such a good boy about the drops. Seriously, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a cat so good about having liquid put in its ears! This would serve him (and me) well, as once the infection cleared up…he started scratching his ears again. Turns out he had a yeast infection – in his ears! My poor guy.

The yeast infection cleared up quickly, and Grizzy was eating, but he was still very skinny. His blood work was good. I didn’t know what was the issue. Then, just by chance, I saw the tapeworm. Yeah, that was beyond disgusting. We took care of that right quick and since then, smooth sailing and some weight gain, yeah!

The other week, our friend Rene stopped by and commented how good Grizzy looks – almost like a different cat! His fur is now shiny, he’s active, he eats like he should, and he enjoys trilling at the birds. He’s such a baby; at night he has to be touching me, and if I haven’t pet him for a while, he starts crying until I do.

Curled up in "his" spot - he's even got the cushion dented how he likes it!

Curled up in “his” spot – he’s even got the cushion dented how he likes it!

My heart feels so full when I think of my little G-boy. He has brought me such joy. I think he is a very happy with the match, too! I always tell him I am so happy he sat on my lap and picked me. 🙂

Next up: How we got Miss Sophie.

*About his name: Some time back, I saw a cat that was named Grizwold. I thought that sounded neat. I also thought it was a good boy-cat name. When I saw my Grizzy, I also thought of the band Grizzly Bear (love them!) and how it would be so ironic, because G is such a teddy bear. I tried out “Grizzy” and it seemed to fit him, so that is how Grizzy (Griz, G-Boy, G-Butt, Baby G and sometimes just plain ol’ G) got his name. 🙂


It’s cold out there!

I just got back from a half-hour walk. Holy smokes. I love walking, and I don’t mind the snow (I actually enjoy it most of the time), but the wind! It cut right through my normally quite warm fleece-lined gloves. I wish I would have picked up a pair of those recycled-from-wool-sweaters mittens I’d seen at a craft fair in November. Next year.

Thankfully, I know in this cold weather Gigi has a place she can tuck into. Late last year I built her a shelter, using a big Rubbermaid bin, a styrofoam cooler and some straw. It’s the shelter equivalent of a turducken. 🙂 I lined the styrofoam cooler with some light-colored fleece.* I figured this would be extra cozy for her, and given that she’s black, it would make it easy for me to see if she’d been in there. And she has! I don’t have a picture of that yet, but I will get one soon.

Tonight, though, I have pictures of the shelter in progress.



You think I'm gonna go in there?!

You think I’m gonna go in there?!

Well, I'll just test it out...

Well, I’ll just test it out…

I realized after I cut that I made the hole a little too low to the ground, so I taped a piece back on. This gives a little more shelter from the wind and cold, but still allows the kitties to get inside easily (as tested by Grizzy).

I haven’t heard Gigi for a few days, but I *did* hear her after the polar vortex had passed, so whew. I don’t think I was ever so glad to hear 4:30 am caterwauling! I’m sure she’s got a good, warm spot on cold nights like tonight. And, of course, she’s always got a spot here.

In other news, can you believe January is nearing an end? I had a goal to get my house fully organized by January 31: closets, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, a place for everything and everything in its place. So far, so good, although I have a bit more to do. Life without school is still a bit odd, but at the same time, now I’m wondering how I did it! I mean, the two adorable black kitties that live with me require a lot of pampering…lol.

Have a great week!

*I originally had some old Halloween fleece, but then I decided lighter would probably be better (for me to see).



Grizzy loves this Cosmic Catnip banana from our friend Rene.

My favorite shot.

My favorite shot.

Those little black paws kill me.

Those little black paws kill me.

It's love!

It’s love!