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Forgot to add…

on January 29, 2014
Welcome, Grizzy!

Welcome, Grizzy!

This card to Grizzy’s adoption story!

When I adopted Grizzy, my friend Rene sent this sweet, sweet card. Every time I look at it I break out in a huge smile. The kitty is just so adorable. And it’s just so perfect, because it’s my Grizzy! He’s such a little baby and the cat on the card totally reminds me of him. I’m so glad he’s my baby, and I love him, as well as this card. This is something I will always keep, and whenever I need a smile, all I need to do is look at it (and then give my G a squeeze).

2 responses to “Forgot to add…

  1. rykmau says:

    That is a great card and so purrfectly adorable and Grizzy.

  2. Rene S says:

    You are reminding me that I never made a card for Sophie. . .

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