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Miss Sophie in the sink

I always thought it was so cute how some cats would just curl up in the sink. They looked so adorable and cozy. Rosie was never a fan of that, and Grizzy certainly isn’t, so imagine my delight when Miss Sophie got comfy in the sink one day as I got ready. She looks like such a little lady.

Also, look at how tiny she is! Sniff. My little girl has grown up so much. Next month is her first birthday already! Sigh. 🙂





Happy birthday to me!

Hurrah, it’s a new year for me. Last year was a pretty awful birthday, so I’ve decided that going forward I’m in charge of my birthday. And so far, it’s been great. I woke up with two black kitties running around and making “brrt!” noises in my face. (Well, Grizzy lets out some epic “MEOOORRRW!!” wails to let me know it’s time to get up, lol.)

Anyhow, I’m kind of treating this birthday as a new year, complete with things I want to accomplish. I’m trying to focus on what’s important and really enjoy life. Last year wasn’t horrible overall, but it was just school-school-school. I feel like I missed a lot of life. So this year I’m changing that.

I will also figure out how to correctly work the future-posting settings here. I’d like to queue up a bunch of posts and have them post throughout the month.

Have a good year everyone! 🙂




I was sick last week. One morning I woke up at 4 am, nose stuffed, ears hurting, throat on fire. I called into work and tried to go back to bed. It was difficult, given how I felt, but probably a half-hour or 45 minutes later I fell asleep.

Only to be woken by a blaring alarm! And not my personal alarm–the alarm in the building. For a second I thought it must be a fluke but it kept going and going. I jumped out of bed, turned on the lights, and rushed out into the hallway.

One of my neighbors across the hall was at her door. We both didn’t smell smoke, didn’t feel any heat, didn’t hear anything…what the heck was going on?!

A few minutes later the alarm stopped. One of the facilities guys came around and apologized, saying it was a false alarm, water had shorted a circuit or something.

During those crazed moments when the alarm blared, a few things came into my mind. The funny ones first:

1) I was sick, and while physically I could feel adrenaline flowing, mentally I wasn’t quite awake. So that might explain why I thought, “I wonder if this particular alarm [since it sounded different than the fire alarm at work] is because of a chemical spill?” Yeah, a a chemical spill. In a residential building. (And, really, do commercial buildings have different alarm sounds for different issues, like fire, chemical, who knows what?)

2) I went out into the hallway, not only rough from sleep but also being sick, and in my robe. No problem. But at some point I realized, “I’m still wearing my mouth guard and I’m talking to my neighbor.” (I rotate wearing retainers and a really thick mouth guard. Sexy!)

3) Now this the serious one that keep me awake probably as much as the adrenaline. What was I going to do with my babies? I cannot fully express the panic I felt, as I raced across my living room to the door. As I ran, the cats were zooming back and forth, and I thought how will I catch them? How will I get them out in time? Ugh, it makes me tear up just thinking about it. Thank God it was just a false alarm, but what if it had been real? Would they go into their crates? Or would I just have to pick them up haphazardly and cling to them for dear life as we ran out the door?

I’ve always known that my cats are my babies; I love them to bits. They are my heart–pet people understand. I feel so blessed to have them. But it’s times like that that really throws that love into sharp perspective. You realize just. how. much. you love your pets, and just what you would do to ensure their safety…and how awful it is to lose them, or even think of losing them. You realize what a big part of your heart they have.

In a way, I’m kind of glad I was sick last week. I got to spend two unplanned days on the couch–in misery, yes–but also knowing that those were two extra days when I could just soak up their loving and give them extra squeezes and kisses. I love those guys so, so much.

…and to end on a silly note, I still can’t believe I was talking to my neighbor with my mouth guard in. No wonder she was looking at me funny, lol!

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Little black kitteh


I saw this and thought it was so funny and appropriate. Not only do I have two black kitties, I wear a lot of black.

I’ve been knocked out cold for the past week with the flu. (I see that employer-mandated flu shot was *so* worth it.) I’m looking forward to getting back here and posting Sophie’s adoption story, as well as last week’s false alarm. 🙂

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Flying Sophie

So sweet.

So sweet.

Little legs!

Little legs!

I love these pictures, taken shortly after I got Sophie. Her little legs hanging off the cushion like that make me think of Supergirl (or Supercat). It’s so cute how she would just crash anywhere and everywhere when she was done tearing around.

Also about Sophie, I was cleaning through my filing cabinet (part of the Great House Organization of ’14), and I found her adoption papers. She was transferred to the humane society where I adopted her, so after flipping through the papers and looking through her original shelter home, I found her actual birth date! March 18, 2013. (Am I a dork for being tickled that my little black girl kitty was born in ’13? haha) I can hardly believe she’s coming up on being a year old! Sophie will always be my little girl.

I’m a little bummed that Grizzy doesn’t have a documented birthday. Have any of you come across that? If so, what have you done, if anything? I’m not sure if I should pick a random date to celebrate as his day. I think it’s a fun thing to do, but I’m curious what others have done.

Later this week I’ll have Sophie’s adoption story. 🙂