The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Tough conversations

Something happened today that really bothered me. It was a conversation at lunch. Now, I wasn’t feeling great to begin with, but this really frustrated me.

I was talking with a couple people, one who has cats, another who had a cat but doesn’t currently have cats. The person with cats mentioned that one if her cats swats at the other cat. “Oh, get her declawed!” said the currently-without-cats person.

Now, I’m against declawing, but I know people make their own decisions for various reasons. I also know that say, 10 or even five years ago there wasn’t as much info out there as there is now concerning declawing versus not declawing. So I try to look at all the facts and not make snap judgments. But this woman’s attitude…It was the way she said, “Oh, get her declawed!” It was like, “Oh, you are CRAZY for not having her declawed already!”

I mentioned that mine weren’t declawed and it hadn’t caused any problems and I was told, “Yeah, well, that’s a rarity.” Then I calmly said, “You know it’s an amputation.” I immediately got an eye roll, a hand wave and a p’shaw. “Oh, it’s a surgery. They’re fine in a day or two.” At this point I was just speechless. I tried to be factual and keep the emotion out of it, but her dismissive, entitled attitude blew me away. It only got worse from there. She had to get them declawed because she had very expensive furniture and can you imagine if they had scratched it?

(I frankly can’t imagine how this person had kids!)

It was so upsetting. And the cats that she was suggesting get declawed are three years old. I am going to chat with the cat person, who is considering declawing, tomorrow when we can talk one-on-one–without that other person and her attitude. It really felt like she wanted to start a fight! Ugh.

I guess I’m just a protective cat mom. Speaking of which–and to end this on a positive note!–you know you are a total cat mom when you reach for something in your purse and you pull out a mouse. 🙂



I need a vacation!

Zonked out!

Zonked out!

This is Pearl, one of my mom’s kitties. I love how she’s just zonked out. I am thinking about some changes tonight. Changes that may or may not happen. (Work stuff, basically.) Change isn’t necessarily bad, and many times it’s good, but I think no matter what, I find certain types of change to be exhausting. Even if it’s a really positive change!

It makes me look at this picture of little Pearl and think “I wish I was a pampered cat, who didn’t have to worry about things like paying bills and checking the oil in your car and washing dishes and life change and a zillion other things.” Plus, how awesome would it be to get massaged on demand throughout the day?

Maybe I’m just overwhelmed because there’s been a lot of change lately, with work, my diet (my doctor has put the kibosh on me eating gluten*), and life in general. But I must say, all this change makes me appreciate my furbabies even more. I know one thing I can always count on is them swirling around me when I come home for the day. I’m glad some things never change.

*I’ve actually had two doctors tell me this, and only after a few years, some recurring health issues, and a couple false starts did I realize, yep, it’s something I have to do for the sake of my health. But I gotta say, a part of me is hoping this “gluten-free everything” trend will quickly fizzle out like the Atkin’s diet and the fat-free craze. I’m not gluten free because it’s trendy, I’m gluten free because gluten, though tasty, is hurting my body. Some people can’t have peanuts, some people can’t tolerate dairy, I can’t have gluten. It’s fine, but it’s also change. I’m tired of change! I want a vacation! And now I will cease my whining and go to bed. 🙂



One thing I absolutely love about my little nuggets (like there aren’t a million and one things I love about them, haha), is that they sleep with me. It’s a pretty regular occurrence that I’ll wake up and have one leg pinned down by one cat, and another leg pinned down by the other. Or one will be on my foot, and the other on my hand. (Naturally, I practically throw my back out making only the tiniest movements so I don’t disturb the cats’ sleep. Because you know they need to get a good night’s rest before they put in an eight-hour workday.)

But my hands-down favorite it when I look up and see “Oh, there’s Grizzy…or maybe Sophie?” I’ll sit up a bit and reach down my hand and rub the head. “Oh, that’s Grizzy.” But then my hand will bump a second head and I’ll realize Sophie is right on top of him! Then my heart just melts into a puddle and I die of cute overload. 🙂

Lately they’ve done something especially endearing. When I go into my bedroom around my usual bedtime, they’ll follow me in there. But more than that, they’ll jump up on the bed, start grooming and then settle in for the night. Just like this:

photo 1(1)

photo 2

On the nights they don’t beat me to bed and hog all the covers, it’s almost a guarantee that within 10 minutes one or both will jump up on my bed, walk all over me, and then plop down once they’ve found a good spot. Ahhh, they are going to make my heart explode for real! 😉


Friday fun

Last week I sliced my finger pretty bad while cutting up some apples. Basically, I took off a good part of my nail and some of the underneath. Not fun. But thankfully, not life-threatening! 🙂

It did, however, make me wonder how on earth I was going to wash my hair one-handed. Already washing my hair is one of my most loathed tasks. It’s not so much the washing it that I mind; it’s the drying it. You see, I have naturally curly hair, which needs moisture. It’s also pretty fine. One problem with those two things is, I need some sort of product: oil, conditioner, whatever. But since my hair is fine, even one extra drop of oil can make my hair stringy and flat. Of course, if I use a drop less, it can be frizz city.

Also, I’m lazy. Pulling out the diffuser, fluffing up my hair as it dries, blech. I’m lazy!

You can see that the idea of washing it one-handed due to my injured finger and then having to go through all was not my idea of a good time.

So when Connie suggested I use that as an excuse to get my hair washed and dried at a salon, I was all “YEEEESSSS!!! BEST IDEA EVER!” Immediately after work, I went to the salon and got it washed and blown out. And voila! I had straight hair for a couple days.

Fun hair

Fun hair

I looked tired as heck, but blame that on crying (oh, the trauma of slicing your finger and having it bleed for what seemed like FOREVER) and not sleeping so great for a couple days (“OMG, what if I had cut my finger off?!”).

But getting my hair done was definitely a nice consolation prize. 🙂


A fun run for the furkids

Pick me!

Pick me!

I adopted Grizzy (above) from MADACC, a local shelter. (How could I resist that face?) Sophie also started out there. I’ve been there several times and found the staff to be very kind and helpful. When I read that they were having a fun run/walk, well, I had to sign up. That’s right, I’m doing a 5k! My goal is to have a sub-30 run. Probably nothing to most of you, but that’s a stretch for me.

I also got a fundraising page! Normally I don’t do this type of thing, but MADACC has been very good to me, allowing me the chance to adopt and love both Grizzy and Sophie. I think they do very noble work, and a couple people have asked if they could pledge me, so here is my fundraising page:

My fundraising page.

I set a goal of $100. I figure if I don’t hit that goal, that’s OK, I’ll just make up the difference. 🙂 Do not feel you have to donate! But if you’re so inclined, feel free! I can honestly say the staff there are wonderful. MADACC does a lot of great things, offering low or no-cost spaying and neutering services, they help with lost pets, they take care of some of the area’s neediest animals. Every time I went there, to look at animals or to help a friend look for her lost pet, I found the staff to be so sympathetic. I felt like they really, truly cared, which was so nice.

Here is a blurb from MADACC’s site:

MADACC currently rescues and assures safe, temporary shelter, veterinary and humane care for nearly 13,000 stray, unwanted, abandoned, mistreated and injured animals each year — more than any other animal control shelter in Wisconsin. MADACC provides a central location for owners to find and recover their lost pets at 3839 W. Burnham St. in West Milwaukee and is open seven days a week, including evening hours on weekdays. MADACC rescues strays and removes dangerous animals from public areas providing effective animal control services by active enforcement of Wisconsin State Statues pertaining to animal welfare.

That’s my little shout-out for MADACC. 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to post a picture of myself (and my sweaty red face, haha) after the run.


Squirrel watching

We have a visitor–a red squirrel–that comes by and puts the cats in a tizzy. Or more accurately, it makes them get as flat as pancakes while they watch it’s every move. It’s fun for all of us, though; the squirrel gets to eat some seeds, the cats enjoy watching the squirrel, and I enjoy watching both. One day I’ll get a picture of the squirrel, too. I’d not see a red squirrel before this one!


When the ground gets a little softer (it’s currently snowing), I intend to set up a second bird feeder. I really enjoy seeing the different type of birdie visitors we get.


Oh, Rosie…


It’s been a year since I said goodbye to Rosie. I can’t say too much, because it still really hurts to think about that day. I can hardly believe it’s been a year, though. To say there have been some changes is a wild understatement. I finished grad school. (I still don’t know how I did that, I really don’t.) My department underwent a massive reorg, so my job has changed considerably. So many things are different, so many things happened.

I will always think of how sweet my brother E was that day. It was the first time I ever really had the chance to grieve someone in a way that was natural to me, without feeling like I had to hurry it up or keep it under wraps. He was very kind and said nice things but also let me be sad, keeping me company without saying anything. That was very comforting.

Rosie was simply an amazing, wonderful, sweetheart of a cat. She had the softest fur, the best caterwaul of a meow, and the loudest purr. I would always comment that “Oh, the furnace is on” because she would start with this “Whomp!” and then the motor was on.

I loved how when I got home she’d walk out in the hallway and then back in. It was great, because it gave me time to get my mail, lol! I would then pick her up and she’d give me a face rub. I’d try to ask for one more and usually she’d acquiesce before she’d press on my arm like “Mom, put me down now–I want FOOD!”

I loved how she would let me hold her for what seemed like hours. I loved how she would always walk on my feet. Il loved her sweet little face, with her one blind eye and her little spot of tan on her whisker cheek. She was my muffin. I miss you, Rosie Bee. But I am thankful I had you to love for as long as I did, and I know you are enjoying lots of sun and all the wet food you want. 🙂


Bloody smoothies

It’s been kind of a rough week. I’m kind of bummed I took second in the speech contest (although thank you for the congratulations–that was really cool and bolstered my spirits), work has been hectic, I’m still kind of recovering from the emotions of late with my grandma…and tonight I sliced my finger. It’s not anything horrible, no stitches required, but really? Really universe? I wanted to do PM yoga, dude! I wanted to set up a decent blog entry. I wanted to clean up my house. (Well, at least the kitchen, as I made some lunch for tomorrow and was in the process of making smoothies for breakfast.) I wanted to do a whole bunch of things other than feeling bad for myself and waiting for the bleeding to subside. (Fingers seem to bleed a lot, even if they don’t hurt, which this one doesn’t. No joke.)

But no, I spent the last hour feeling bad for myself. Because ohhhhh my gosh, I only took second! Work is stressful and I want a day off (but I am very thankful to have a job). My kitchen was a mess! Certain things I really wanted to work out didn’t. I AM A CONSUMMATE FAILURE AND NO ONE IS AROUND TO TELL ME IF I SHOULD HOLD MY FINGER UP OR APPLY PRESSURE!

Yeah, mass hysteria over…me cutting my finger.

Really, it boiled down to, I cut my darn finger–just a flesh wound–but that was the straw that broken the camel’s back. I suppose sometimes we all have a need to call the wambulance. 🙂

Anyhow, here are two things that are making me laugh:
1) I cut it while slicing up some fruit for my smoothie. Which makes me think of Bridget Jones’ Diary. Bridget Jones is a sweet, alcohol-guzzling, chain-smoking, calorie-counting, diary-writing British woman in her mid-30s. At first she is thrilled with her discovery of smoothies as an alcohol alternative. Then when she realizes she’d gained a pound, she curses them: “Bloody smoothies.” Love it.

2) My Griz.



Never before have I had a cat that loves being half-under the couch like that. Goofball. 🙂

So while I am really ticked that I’m going to have to wash my hair with one hand tomorrow, and I likely won’t be getting a manicure anytime soon, my finger is fine. I am fine. I will resume exercising tomorrow, I will enjoy a non-bloody smoothie, and I will give the furkids extra squeezes tomorrow for putting up with my ignoring them slightly during this evening’s drama, ha.


My Rosie

My Rosie Bee

My Rosie Bee

Oh, gosh, I started crying as soon as I saw her picture. This Friday marks a year that my Rosie has been gone. I still miss her. I am SO glad I have my two little munchkins, but my heart still misses my Bebe. I loved that she would let me pick her up and hold her for what seemed like hours. (My little munchkins are not fans of being walked around the house, lol.) I loved how soft her fur was. She didn’t sleep on me, at least not in my bed, but she always laid by my head in the morning and let me know when it was time to get up. I loved how she was such a sweet, loving, adorable little thing with such personality. She was my perfect Bee.

That’s about all I can write right now; my heart is starting to ache. (Good thing I have Sophie and Grizzy to snuggle with!) I must say, though, I am so happy I had that rose necklace made in memory of Rosie. I’ve never done anything like that before, but I love necklaces and I love that whenever I wear it I think of her and my heart fills up remembering my love for her.

Completely unrelated, I wanted to add a little about me. I was in a speech competition this past weekend and I took second, yahoo! While I would have liked to have taken first, I think second was a blessing in disguise. I’m finally getting some energy back (thank you, sun and spring), so I’m looking forward to doing things other than practicing my speech. I think the cats are happy, too. They must have heard me practice that close to 50 times! lol

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave suggestions about my little chewer! I went to the hardware store and got some split corrugated tubing. Just now the little miss was having a go at it but a-ha! My laptop cord is safe! Whew. 🙂


Cord-saving suggestions?

Dear Cat Parents, I need your help.

My dearest Sophie has chewed through many a cord. It looks like she’s gone through a second laptop charger cord (ARGH!).

I’ve read that Critter Cord smells pretty bad. Does anyone here have any firsthand experience with it? Or any other tried-and-true suggestions for keeping my cords safe from my little chewer (and her safe from them)?

Newsflash: It looks like she didn’t entirely kill it! It really hasn’t been chewed too badly–only a few marks here and there. Maybe I just didn’t have it plugged in all the way. But I’m still open to your suggestions, as I would rather not spend any more money on cords!