The Rosie Bee

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My Rosie

on April 7, 2014
My Rosie Bee

My Rosie Bee

Oh, gosh, I started crying as soon as I saw her picture. This Friday marks a year that my Rosie has been gone. I still miss her. I am SO glad I have my two little munchkins, but my heart still misses my Bebe. I loved that she would let me pick her up and hold her for what seemed like hours. (My little munchkins are not fans of being walked around the house, lol.) I loved how soft her fur was. She didn’t sleep on me, at least not in my bed, but she always laid by my head in the morning and let me know when it was time to get up. I loved how she was such a sweet, loving, adorable little thing with such personality. She was my perfect Bee.

That’s about all I can write right now; my heart is starting to ache. (Good thing I have Sophie and Grizzy to snuggle with!) I must say, though, I am so happy I had that rose necklace made in memory of Rosie. I’ve never done anything like that before, but I love necklaces and I love that whenever I wear it I think of her and my heart fills up remembering my love for her.

Completely unrelated, I wanted to add a little about me. I was in a speech competition this past weekend and I took second, yahoo! While I would have liked to have taken first, I think second was a blessing in disguise. I’m finally getting some energy back (thank you, sun and spring), so I’m looking forward to doing things other than practicing my speech. I think the cats are happy, too. They must have heard me practice that close to 50 times! lol

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave suggestions about my little chewer! I went to the hardware store and got some split corrugated tubing. Just now the little miss was having a go at it but a-ha! My laptop cord is safe! Whew. πŸ™‚

4 responses to “My Rosie

  1. rykmau says:

    I can truly relate to your heartache about Rosie. I still cry when I think about the two fur babies I lost within a year. We love each and every one of them. I sometimes hold their ashes close to my heart and tell them how much I loved and miss them. Congrats on placing second in the speech competition, Susan. I wouldn’t have placed at all cause I would have been a nervous wreck. You did good. Yay, for outsmarting Miss Chewer. I need to get that split corrugated tubing for my legs cause Tiny loves to grab, bite them and do his bunny kicks on them especially when I roughhouse with him. It makes me laugh, though, and I just have to make sure his claws are trimmed.

  2. We’re sorry for your heartache over Rosie. We know you miss her!

    Congratulations on placing second in the speech competition and on outsmarting the chewer. πŸ™‚

  3. Rene S says:

    Rosie was your first “all yours” kitty and will always have a special place in your heart. Congrats on taking second place! That is something to be proud of!

  4. Connie says:

    isn’t it odd how it can sometimes hit you like a ton of bricks.. purrs of healing..

    personally I always preferred second place.. I would also always volunteer to go second.. πŸ™‚

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