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Bloody smoothies

on April 9, 2014

It’s been kind of a rough week. I’m kind of bummed I took second in the speech contest (although thank you for the congratulations–that was really cool and bolstered my spirits), work has been hectic, I’m still kind of recovering from the emotions of late with my grandma…and tonight I sliced my finger. It’s not anything horrible, no stitches required, but really? Really universe? I wanted to do PM yoga, dude! I wanted to set up a decent blog entry. I wanted to clean up my house. (Well, at least the kitchen, as I made some lunch for tomorrow and was in the process of making smoothies for breakfast.) I wanted to do a whole bunch of things other than feeling bad for myself and waiting for the bleeding to subside. (Fingers seem to bleed a lot, even if they don’t hurt, which this one doesn’t. No joke.)

But no, I spent the last hour feeling bad for myself. Because ohhhhh my gosh, I only took second! Work is stressful and I want a day off (but I am very thankful to have a job). My kitchen was a mess! Certain things I really wanted to work out didn’t. I AM A CONSUMMATE FAILURE AND NO ONE IS AROUND TO TELL ME IF I SHOULD HOLD MY FINGER UP OR APPLY PRESSURE!

Yeah, mass hysteria over…me cutting my finger.

Really, it boiled down to, I cut my darn finger–just a flesh wound–but that was the straw that broken the camel’s back. I suppose sometimes we all have a need to call the wambulance. 🙂

Anyhow, here are two things that are making me laugh:
1) I cut it while slicing up some fruit for my smoothie. Which makes me think of Bridget Jones’ Diary. Bridget Jones is a sweet, alcohol-guzzling, chain-smoking, calorie-counting, diary-writing British woman in her mid-30s. At first she is thrilled with her discovery of smoothies as an alcohol alternative. Then when she realizes she’d gained a pound, she curses them: “Bloody smoothies.” Love it.

2) My Griz.



Never before have I had a cat that loves being half-under the couch like that. Goofball. 🙂

So while I am really ticked that I’m going to have to wash my hair with one hand tomorrow, and I likely won’t be getting a manicure anytime soon, my finger is fine. I am fine. I will resume exercising tomorrow, I will enjoy a non-bloody smoothie, and I will give the furkids extra squeezes tomorrow for putting up with my ignoring them slightly during this evening’s drama, ha.

6 responses to “Bloody smoothies

  1. rykmau says:

    You’re number one and purrfect in your furkids’ eyes and that is all that matters. They love you unconditionally. You are funny. I hope your finger heals quickly.

  2. Rene S says:

    It’s not everyday you read a subject line like that. . .but seriously, I hope things heal up and I’m sure glad you weren’t seriously hurt. And Grizzy, you are a riot.

    • Susan says:

      I think the my freak-out was due to shock. My cutting board was red, there was a lot of blood, and I know sometimes it takes a moment for pain signals to register in the brain. I literally told myself, “It might be cut off, so just brace yourself and don’t faint.” lol

  3. Connie says:

    how about you use this as an excuse to go get your hair washed by a salon??

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