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A fun run for the furkids

on April 16, 2014
Pick me!

Pick me!

I adopted Grizzy (above) from MADACC, a local shelter. (How could I resist that face?) Sophie also started out there. I’ve been there several times and found the staff to be very kind and helpful. When I read that they were having a fun run/walk, well, I had to sign up. That’s right, I’m doing a 5k! My goal is to have a sub-30 run. Probably nothing to most of you, but that’s a stretch for me.

I also got a fundraising page! Normally I don’t do this type of thing, but MADACC has been very good to me, allowing me the chance to adopt and love both Grizzy and Sophie. I think they do very noble work, and a couple people have asked if they could pledge me, so here is my fundraising page:

My fundraising page.

I set a goal of $100. I figure if I don’t hit that goal, that’s OK, I’ll just make up the difference. πŸ™‚ Do not feel you have to donate! But if you’re so inclined, feel free! I can honestly say the staff there are wonderful. MADACC does a lot of great things, offering low or no-cost spaying and neutering services, they help with lost pets, they take care of some of the area’s neediest animals. Every time I went there, to look at animals or to help a friend look for her lost pet, I found the staff to be so sympathetic. I felt like they really, truly cared, which was so nice.

Here is a blurb from MADACC’s site:

MADACC currently rescues and assures safe, temporary shelter, veterinary and humane care for nearly 13,000 stray, unwanted, abandoned, mistreated and injured animals each year β€” more than any other animal control shelter in Wisconsin. MADACC provides a central location for owners to find and recover their lost pets at 3839 W. Burnham St. in West Milwaukee and is open seven days a week, including evening hours on weekdays. MADACC rescues strays and removes dangerous animals from public areas providing effective animal control services by active enforcement of Wisconsin State Statues pertaining to animal welfare.

That’s my little shout-out for MADACC. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to post a picture of myself (and my sweaty red face, haha) after the run.

7 responses to “A fun run for the furkids

  1. Connie says:

    I hope you are wildly successful!

  2. rykmau says:

    What a great thing to do and a great cause. How can I make a donation?

  3. Rene S says:

    I just donated in honor of our kitties.

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