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Tough conversations

on April 25, 2014

Something happened today that really bothered me. It was a conversation at lunch. Now, I wasn’t feeling great to begin with, but this really frustrated me.

I was talking with a couple people, one who has cats, another who had a cat but doesn’t currently have cats. The person with cats mentioned that one if her cats swats at the other cat. “Oh, get her declawed!” said the currently-without-cats person.

Now, I’m against declawing, but I know people make their own decisions for various reasons. I also know that say, 10 or even five years ago there wasn’t as much info out there as there is now concerning declawing versus not declawing. So I try to look at all the facts and not make snap judgments. But this woman’s attitude…It was the way she said, “Oh, get her declawed!” It was like, “Oh, you are CRAZY for not having her declawed already!”

I mentioned that mine weren’t declawed and it hadn’t caused any problems and I was told, “Yeah, well, that’s a rarity.” Then I calmly said, “You know it’s an amputation.” I immediately got an eye roll, a hand wave and a p’shaw. “Oh, it’s a surgery. They’re fine in a day or two.” At this point I was just speechless. I tried to be factual and keep the emotion out of it, but her dismissive, entitled attitude blew me away. It only got worse from there. She had to get them declawed because she had very expensive furniture and can you imagine if they had scratched it?

(I frankly can’t imagine how this person had kids!)

It was so upsetting. And the cats that she was suggesting get declawed are three years old. I am going to chat with the cat person, who is considering declawing, tomorrow when we can talk one-on-one–without that other person and her attitude. It really felt like she wanted to start a fight! Ugh.

I guess I’m just a protective cat mom. Speaking of which–and to end this on a positive note!–you know you are a total cat mom when you reach for something in your purse and you pull out a mouse. 🙂


5 responses to “Tough conversations

  1. rykmau says:

    I know of one person who had every single kitty she ever owned declawed. There wasn’t much about declawing at that time and I hope she never gets another kitty if she wants it declawed. If people think their furniture is more important, then they should never ever get a kitty. It makes me mad. I can totally relate to your feeling about this person. Makes me wonder if she had her kids declawed.

  2. Rene S says:

    I too have learned a lot about declawing and would never declaw another cat. You might want to point her to the website There is a ton of information there about declawing and about cat scratching behavior.

    I read a forum post the other day and someone said that their cat had scratched the furniture, so she “had to” get him/her declawed. Had to? Did she really try anything to stop the scratching?

  3. Everycat says:

    I hope you managed to educate the person who was considering declawing. It cripples cats for life and it’s tragic that 39 countries in the world have made it illegal, yet America, has not. I cannot understand how any vet could perform such a brutal mutilation of a wonderful animal.

    The Paw Project has brilliant information about this subject and many ideas for persuading people not to have their cats declawed.

    The person who was so vehement in her defence of declawing shows that she knows exactly why this surgery is wrong and cruel. But she can’t think independently about the issue. She cannot face her own shame at what she did to her cats. Peer pressure works well amongst people, but in this case, it results in cats being given a life time of health problems, misery and maybe end up being killed in a shelter due to the behavioural and physical issues that declawing always causes.

    39 Countries have banned this procedure. In many of those countries it was never permitted as an elective procedure, but this (in the UK and the EU) is now enshrined in law.

  4. Everycat says:

    There are some instances of individual “rescues” in the USA routinely declaw ALL cats who come into their care. Usually the person who sets the rules is from an era when declawing was considered ok and their decision is bolstered by a vet with old fashioned ideas about animals and pain, or maybe a younger vet who really doesn’t care about cats.

    Kittens born in these “rescues” will be declawed, vaccinated and spayed or neutered (all on the same day) as soon as they reach 2lbs. They haven’t even learned to use their claws then.

    Some vets working normally in practice will also declaw tiny kittens at the 2lb mark or 4 months old. These poor infant animals are being sentenced to a life of pain and misery.

    Thanks for trying to persuade these people that there are better ways to care for cats.

  5. Connie says:

    *HEADDESK* (ow.. my poor forehead.. I’ve been doin that all day)

    Good for you for going back to have that discussion. You are right, there are some people who will dismiss the side effects, and I believe they are people who had their cats declawed and don’t want to learn what damage they may have done..

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