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Ah, to work part-time

Sometimes I think it would be so great to be able to work part-time. Even 35 hours a week would be awesome! Then I could hang out with the furkids. They always make me happy. And Sophie always makes me laugh. For some reason, that lady always gravitates towards shoes!

Sophie is a shoe girl all the way.

Sophie is a shoe girl all the way.

In Grizzy news, I weighed him this afternoon and he’s down .02 ounces. 😦 I’m trying not to freak out, because I imagine cats have natural fluctuations in their weight, just like people. Still, I know he’s lost weight, but I don’t know why. All his lab reports were good (except for the high titer showing exposure to corona virus).

He ate a little this evening, but as usual, it was just a little. I’m struggling with how low is too low? The other day he did his coughing/wheezing thing for about 5-7 seconds. Other than that, he’s been as active as usual, sleeping normally, I hear him in his box (and saw him go just the other day–all was normal–and I am kicking myself for not grabbing that sample), etc. I tried Vita Gravy and he wasn’t having that (neither was the little miss). Guess I’ll just keep an eye on him and try not to freak out…OH! But I will be trying to get a stool sample. Hopefully I’ll get one very quickly and take it into the vet right away.

ETA: He ate a bit more food tonight, and he had a good long run-and-wrestle session with Sophie, but he’s been laying down for a while now (not unusual) and his ears are very warm (which is unusual). I have a feeling I’ll be doing frequent checks tonight…


Happy Tuesday!

Whew, it’s been a heckuva day. I got a call from the vet about Grizzy’s last test: he tested positive for exposure to coronavirus. Cue me freaking out thinking he’s going to die. Wait, cue me being very concerned, then going a quick Google search, and then being absolutely *positive* he was going to die. :p I swear, Google breeds Chicken Littles. (To add to things, last year a kitten of my mom’s died of what was most likely FIP, so naturally my mind went there, as that was my only, albeit brief, knowledge of FIP.)

Long story short, I am no longer freaking out. All other signs point to him being a healthy, fit kitty, so I’m going to focus on that. Feed him good food, weigh him once a week for a while, love him like crazy, and try and not let my mind go crazy with “What if’s.”

Now, what about Miss Sophie?

Fuzzy feet!

Fuzzy feet!

Ta-da! The little miss has taken to flopping down and rolling over to I can properly rub her belly. I love how she lays there with her feet hanging out all crazy like. And I LOVE those little foot-fur tufts! It never fails to make me squee when I see that on long-haired kitties.

It’s a good night. 🙂


Grizzy vet update

Grizzy takes his squirrel watching very seriously.

Grizzy takes his squirrel watching very seriously.

I took Grizzy to the vet Saturday for weight loss; today I got (most of) the results. He’s healthy! I’m awaiting the results of one more viral test, but it seems unlikely that it’ll come up as positive.

I’m glad…and going forward, I’ll keep weighing him. If his weight stays where it’s at, I’ll be OK with that, as technically he’s not underweight (although he is slim). I’m glad I had him checked out, though, if only to ease my mind. And if it goes down, well, then it’s time for X-rays. But I’m knocking on wood that that won’t happen!

I’m also trying to tempt him with new food–probably a few more carbs could help, too (thank you, Connie!). He’s never been a big eater, but if I can get him to plump up even a couple ounces, I’ll be happy. Of course, I think of what one of the vet techs said: “He’s so fit!” I had to chuckle, because I imagine they see some adorably pudgy pets. (It’s like chubby babies–who can resist?)

So all’s good for now; thank you for your purrs and prayers!

PS: We’re currently having thunderstorms here. Not too long ago I got a LOUD text message warning me about flash floods. Keep in mind I’m in my house. I was like, “What am I supposed to do? Go upstairs?” LOL!!


Happy Mother’s Day


I saw this and thought it was the sweetest sentiment. How true! My cats are my babies, plain and simple. I know a lot of people think this is silly. I’m sure there are people who roll their eyes and think “She doesn’t have ‘real’ kids, so she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” My cats–my babies–are part of my family and I love them as I love my people family, period.

So to all the cat (and pet) moms, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

In vet news, Grizzy had some blood work done; we should get the results tomorrow (Monday). It was a little frustrating, because the last time he was in was for a tapeworm, so his weight was low (9 lbs). Yesterday it registered at 9.125 pounds (lower than my reading of 9.2 pounds). Going off of his last weight–when he had a parasite–to this current weight, the vet noted, “Well, he’s actually gained weight.” It took a few times of explaining “He had a tapeworm, he gained quite a bit of weight after that,” etc. I was also told to weight him and see if his weight changes…to which I had to explain I had been doing that; that’s how I knew he was losing weight. (His highest weight was about 9.8 lbs. He seemed to find a happy medium at 9.6 lbs.)

Both the vet and the assistant commented on how shiny his coat was, how he had a very good temperament (“Usually cats are a little more skittish”), and how everything else looked good. I’m not sure what is causing his weight loss, but I hope to have some answers come tomorrow. At least he appears to be healthy, and some obvious bad things don’t immediately jump out.

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Grizzy and the tube

The G just loves the tube on his cat tree. If I whip out one of the feather sticks, he’ll jump in there and swat at it! Such a goofball. 🙂

And speaking of Grizzy, he’s having his annual a little early. He’s been losing weight and I’m concerned. I’d say it’s between 0.4 and 0.6 pounds over the last few months. I know he’s still within a healthy range, but since it’s lower than his average, I’m concerned. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe he just has a bug, but I want to get it figured out asap. He’s still very active, he still eats, and his coat is shiny, so I’m taking comfort in those things, but ahhh!! I want this weight loss figured out. We go to the vet Saturday morning, so I will post with an update as soon as I get info.

I want my Grizzy to be OK! ::worries::





More visitors!

You can’t really see, but we have a red squirrel that stops by here on occasion. (In fact, I saw him today!) The cats just love it when ol’ red stops by. I managed to get one picture of both cats watching.


I love this next picture: No, wait, don’t go!

And lo, as soon as Red left, a grey squirrel stopped by!



New visitors and updates

Hoo, I didn’t hope to leave so much time between posts. Work has been crazy busy and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was post (although trust me, I composed many a post in my head ;)).

A couple updates first:
Thank you for the links and suggestions regarding my last post about the woman who was thinking of declawing her cats. I did have a follow up conversation with her. I let her know that it was ultimately her decision, but it was something I felt strongly about and I’d love to share some great info with her. She was very receptive and seemed appreciative, so I feel good about it. I don’t think she’ll be getting her cats declawed; having all the info definitely helps.

And re: gluten free: I had to do it for some fun digestive issues, among other things. My doctor has been telling me I needed to go GF for at least a few years now, but I thought since I didn’t get deathly ill when I had wheat, I must be good. Then last year a dermatologist confirmed it. I’m going strict GF now because I guess I was cheating a bit too much…anyhow, so far so good.

But enough about me. Look at the fun visitor we recently had!

A new visitor!

A new visitor!

You can see, Mr. (or Ms.) Rabbit had a captive audience. It’s been great lately, with all the animals coming by. In the mornings it’s so nice to listen to the different birds. And, of course, the furkids love it.

PS: That massive pile of seeds is from the bird feeder above. I had swept up a great big pile a couple weeks ago and was about to put it in the dustbin and it started raining. Usually the pile is much smaller. 🙂