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Happy Mother’s Day

on May 11, 2014


I saw this and thought it was the sweetest sentiment. How true! My cats are my babies, plain and simple. I know a lot of people think this is silly. I’m sure there are people who roll their eyes and think “She doesn’t have ‘real’ kids, so she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” My cats–my babies–are part of my family and I love them as I love my people family, period.

So to all the cat (and pet) moms, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

In vet news, Grizzy had some blood work done; we should get the results tomorrow (Monday). It was a little frustrating, because the last time he was in was for a tapeworm, so his weight was low (9 lbs). Yesterday it registered at 9.125 pounds (lower than my reading of 9.2 pounds). Going off of his last weight–when he had a parasite–to this current weight, the vet noted, “Well, he’s actually gained weight.” It took a few times of explaining “He had a tapeworm, he gained quite a bit of weight after that,” etc. I was also told to weight him and see if his weight changes…to which I had to explain I had been doing that; that’s how I knew he was losing weight. (His highest weight was about 9.8 lbs. He seemed to find a happy medium at 9.6 lbs.)

Both the vet and the assistant commented on how shiny his coat was, how he had a very good temperament (“Usually cats are a little more skittish”), and how everything else looked good. I’m not sure what is causing his weight loss, but I hope to have some answers come tomorrow. At least he appears to be healthy, and some obvious bad things don’t immediately jump out.

One response to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Connie says:

    When I changed Muffin’s diet to remove the carbs, even though she had been eating raw food right along, she lost quite a bit of weight, to the point I was starting to get worried, but she evened out before I got her to the vet and has been fine since..

    Hopefully it is something benign..

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