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Grizzy vet update

on May 13, 2014
Grizzy takes his squirrel watching very seriously.

Grizzy takes his squirrel watching very seriously.

I took Grizzy to the vet Saturday for weight loss; today I got (most of) the results. He’s healthy! I’m awaiting the results of one more viral test, but it seems unlikely that it’ll come up as positive.

I’m glad…and going forward, I’ll keep weighing him. If his weight stays where it’s at, I’ll be OK with that, as technically he’s not underweight (although he is slim). I’m glad I had him checked out, though, if only to ease my mind. And if it goes down, well, then it’s time for X-rays. But I’m knocking on wood that that won’t happen!

I’m also trying to tempt him with new food–probably a few more carbs could help, too (thank you, Connie!). He’s never been a big eater, but if I can get him to plump up even a couple ounces, I’ll be happy. Of course, I think of what one of the vet techs said: “He’s so fit!” I had to chuckle, because I imagine they see some adorably pudgy pets. (It’s like chubby babies–who can resist?)

So all’s good for now; thank you for your purrs and prayers!

PS: We’re currently having thunderstorms here. Not too long ago I got a LOUD text message warning me about flash floods. Keep in mind I’m in my house. I was like, “What am I supposed to do? Go upstairs?” LOL!!

2 responses to “Grizzy vet update

  1. Connie says:

    When did I say he should eat more carbs? . 🙂 I think you missed my point when I said that removing the carbs might have caused the weight loss.. as I meant it as it is a good thing.. carbs for cats is a bit like white sugar for us. Never a recommended way to healthily add on a few pounds..

    When I take my seven cats into the vets, I’ve been greeted with the ‘none of them are really overweight!” exclamation too.. that is what good nutrition does to a kitty, gets them in their prime fighting weight..

    Rene told me about the corona virus test.. I’m bothered the vet did that. There is no point in it.. Corona is so common that most cats have it. and most of the time it doesn’t pose a bit of a problem. When it does, it is a bit of self limiting diarrhea.. Corona can go on to mutate to that dreaded disease, but the corona load does not indicate it did or did not mutate.. (meaning a high load doesn’t mean it will, and a low one doesn’t mean it won’t)

    Most of my cats were tested for it back before I learned about it.. when I had a cat diagnosed with that dreaded disease.. before I learned what that disease entails, and what they have learned about it since the 90s..

    • therosiebee says:

      True, you didn’t say that–I read it and went with it a bit. 🙂 Basically, I read it and immediately made the connection of “When Rosie was putting on weight, I removed the dry food and gave her only wet food voila! She lost some ounces” so I figured if I did the reverse for Griz, he’d add some. I wasn’t thinking about the quality. :/ At this point he’s so picky, I’m just desperate to find something that he will eat a little more of, just so he doesn’t lose any more. He *eats*, but he’s never eaten a lot, and now with his weight loss…I’m just so scared that it won’t stop. He feels bony to me–but I had to admit, I’m used to overweight or stockier cats, so I’m sure that affects my judgment of what a “healthy” cat should feel and look like.

      BUT I have to say, other than the weight loss, his coat is shiny. He *does* eat. His pads look good, teeth looks good, he’s active as usual (he and Sophie had Wrestlemania this morning). He did have a brief wheezing episode (maybe 5-7 seconds?) once in the past couple months. But no eye or nasal discharge, no sneezing. Maybe he’s just at his happy weight?

      And thank you so much for your advice and response–that definitely eased my mind! I went from panic and crying this morning to “Okay, I think we got this.”

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