The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Two peas in a pod

Or, Two cats on a shelf

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In a new sleeping spot. My heart melted when I saw this.

This is why I want my Grizzy to get well; I can’t imagine what Sophie would do without him. She adores her big brother, and she him. And I love them both to bits.


Quick Grizzy update

I took Grizzy to the vet last week after he had a coughing/wheezing fit the night before. I spoke with the vet yesterday. Evidently, Grizzy is proving to be an interesting case. Negative for heart worm, but now positive for feline leukemia. However, there’s a chance this could be a false positive, as he was negative last month; they are running one more test–I think it’s the ELISA–to confirm. Depending on what that shows, we’ll determine next steps. His sugars are also consistently low, which could be Addison’s. But one thing at a time. All other lab work was identical to last month’s results.

Of course, last night he started sneezing. I thought maybe it was because I had vacuumed yesterday and then put on the air conditioning. I turned the AC off. Today he’s been sneezing again, though there is no discharge and he doesn’t have watery eyes. He’s also been extremely active, both last night and this morning.

If the sneezing gets worse today, I’ll call the vet. Otherwise, I’m giving her a call tomorrow.

I’m trying really hard not to freak out, but this whole thing is so upsetting. I don’t know what I’d do if I were to lose him. And Sophie…she would miss him so much. But I’m trying to stay positive (really!). It’s not FIP, which I expected, but it’s nice to hear both the lab and the vet say “Yeah, chances of it being FIP are slim to none.” It’s not heartworm. I’m praying it’s not feline leukemia, but I’m also praying we figure out what is wrong so we can fix it. Stress, stress, stress…my poor G! 😦


Took the Mr. to the vet today

Grizzy had a coughing fit last night, and he’s been steadily losing weight (he’s down 2.125 ounces since May). Given those things and a gut feeling, I decided to take him to the vet today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the blood work shows a definitive answer of *something*, so we can solidify a plan and get him feeling 100% again. His general symptoms are weight loss, lack of appetite, the coughing fits, and maybe a smidge less active than usual. Of course, as a cat mom, I really notice how bony he is. :/ When I pet his back, all I feel are bumps it seems. It’s all so odd, because his fur is shiny, eyes are bright, he does eat and he is active…it’s hard, because I want so badly for him to be feeling great again.

Anyhow, Grizzy is terrified of the carrier. Both carriers, actually. But look who found a cozy home in it?
photo 1(3)

She went into it immediately. I got her out and started to put Grizzy in, and Sophie literally *jumped* into it! Now that it’s in the living room, she’s been walking in and out of it all night.

And here is the mister, tuckered out from his vet visit:
photo 2(2)

That picture breaks my heart, because he looks so small. It reminds me of when I first got him (almost a year ago!) and he had all the issues with ear mites and the infamous tapeworm. He was getting so skinny back then, and I was so afraid I’d lose him. It’s upsetting to be back in that uncertain territory again…I feel so helpless. I want my baby to be OK! But we should get most, if not all, the test results tomorrow, so paws are crossed and prayers are going up that they show something definitive. And then we can get to making him feel better.


A sweet story

Or, Go Dad!

My dad is a woodcutter. (I can hear him now “I’m a poor woodcutter,” which was in reference to this fairy tale about a tree fairy who convinced a woodcutter not to cut down her home.) Anyhow, he literally cuts down trees, trims trees, etc., for a living. And occasionally he rescues a cat. 🙂

My mom called to tell me a sweet story about a rescue that happened just this morning. A woman called my dad at 5 a.m. saying her cat had been up in a tree for 12 hours and would he be able to help get the cat down safely? Can you imagine that? The poor woman must have waited until she thought was the earliest-without-being-seen-as-crazy time to call. Or maybe she was waiting for the first dawn. Either way, I’m sure it was an awful 12 hours for her.

After my dad took the call, he got geared up, drove over to the location, climbed the tree, brought the cat down and reunited him with his person. My mom said the cat was black, too! He was certainly a lucky kitty, getting rescued, lol. I could tell my mom was so proud of my dad for going out there right away and rescuing the cat. The woman insisted on paying my dad and he said no, he was just happy to bring the cat down safely. That’s just how my dad is. He’s such a good man and I’m proud he’s my dad.

The story also makes me giggle a bit, in a happy way, because who do you call when your cat climbs a tree? I remember a couple years back my dad got a call to get a cat out of a tree. The person had called the fire department, but they said they no longer rescue cats from trees. Maybe it was just that department that no longer did it? Either way, I suppose it makes sense that you’d call a tree service to get a cat from a tree!

I’m just so proud of my dad. He’s got such a good heart, and he’s such a softie, especially where animals are concerned. I’m sure he was just as relieved as that woman to have the cat back on land. 🙂


The MADACC Run: I did it!


I survived the MADACC Walk, Run, Wag! This was a fun run/walk for the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. They take care of the area’s neediest animals. This is where I adopted Grizzy, and Sophie started out at MADACC as well. I’ve been there several times and have been so impressed by the kindness and dedication of its employees and volunteers. I am very happy I was able to participate, and thank you!! to everyone who helped me fundraise. You helped an amazing organization continue to do great work.

On to the run itself! It was a super fun run. There were runners, there were runners with dogs, there were walkers and walkers with dogs. I highly recommend it. It was well organized, there was some great music afterward, there were booths with local vendors and associations, and it was just great fun.

During the run. The "dog racers" started 15 minutes after us, so we got to see a bit of their run.

During the run. The “dog racers” started 15 minutes after us, so we got to see a bit of their run.

Dog water park!

Dog water park!

I saw this guy at the start of the race and I was lucky enough to see him cross the finish. What a champ!

I saw this guy at the start of the race and I was lucky enough to see him cross the finish. What a champ!

I wanted to die at first, haha, probably because the day before I was pretty emotional and decided kettle corn would make a good lunch and dinner. Kettle corn, while delicious, it NOT the best food with which to fuel one’s body for a race, as I learned. However, the scenery and just the feel of the run kept me going. And when I really wanted to walk near the end, I fell in stride with a woman named Peg. She helped me across the finish. 🙂

Me and Peg after the finish.

Me and Peg after the finish.

Here are my times:
11:27 min/mile

Needless to say, I didn’t make my sub-30 race; however, I’m pleased with my times! There were a couple hills, which is always tough; I need to start incorporating them into my runs. I am really pleased that I came in 22 in my division (middle-aged women, haha) and 88 overall. I’m sure that lands me squarely in the middle or lower-middle, but it sounds impressive!

I’m not a marathoner by any means. Some years back I was serious about running a half marathon but now…not so much. I honestly think I’d get bored. However, I would like to do a 10K at some point, just to say I did it. I’d also like to get back to a sub-30 5K, so that’s another goal.

Another thing that was really cool is the race leader cheered us on. Now, the race loops around, so we were going up the hill and this due was coming down–after running around the top of the hill for a time–so he was FAST. He was battle ready, totally driven, which always gives me a bit of awe to see people so focused like that during a race. Anyhow, as he ran past us, he yelled some encouragement, which was so cool. Granted, I’m sure he was aiming it towards the two 20-somethings in front of me, but it’s so nice to hear that kind of encouragement. I love that about runners. As Peg joked, “The thing about running is, everyone wants to know races, injuries sustained, times. I just like my 5Ks!” I think the one injury I sustained was pulling my ACL because I didn’t stretch before a run! And my times, eh, not the best. But I love that no matter how slow you are, or how little you run, runners are generally very supportive and good about cheerleading each other. Maybe because they know that sometimes you don’t get that runner’s high and sometimes it’s tough to get out there?

This is definitely a fun run and it supports such an important cause. I will definitely do this again next year!


Brushing fail

It’s suddenly a million degrees here (okay, only about 90) with pretty extreme humidity, so I put the air conditioning on. Which meant there was a breeze. I also decided to brush Sophie. She loved it…but I think she loved chasing after the fur that was escaping in the fan’s breeze even more. To make things even funnier, I had just gotten back from working out, so I was all sweaty and sticky…and naturally some fur flew onto me. My arms look like those hirsute old men you see at the pool. 🙂

But here is a very sweet picture of my sweet girl. Check out the cowlick that goes down the lower half of her belly!

So cute!

So cute!

She’s always had that. At first I thought somehow it was related to her being spayed, but as she grew, the cowlick grew with her.

Now to shower off this kitten fur…


Thrift store finds, cat edition

Something I love to do is go thrifting. I love poking around thrift and second-hand store looking for treasures.

Sometimes I find gems like this.

A collector's piece, no doubt.

A collector’s piece, no doubt.

I would have bought it, but the yellow to the right of the cat was “aged” into the plate; I couldn’t get that off. I suppose had the cat been black I would have taken it home, but alas. It remained at the store for another lucky shopper to pick it up. 🙂


Feels like it’s been forever!

I went to Texas last week, and I still haven’t quite got the post-at-a-later-date function down, so it feels like I’ve been gone forever! There’s been a lot going on; I imagine that feeds into it. I’m changing departments at work and it’s just now starting to hit me that the people I’ve worked with every day for so many months…well, I won’t be seeing them every day! Even though I know it’s a great opportunity, change can be hard for me. I think that’s why I’ve felt so checked out lately. But right now I am on my chair typing and Grizzy is on his spot chilling out, so all is good with the world. 🙂

(Speaking of G, he seems to be holding steady at the same weight. Of course, I wake up in the middle of the night and pet him and panic “He feels so skinny!” but I suppose I’m just paranoid. I love that cat so!)

Anyhoo, today I did a bit of spring cleaning. The kittehs decided to keep me company, and at some point Grizzy decided it was time for his own version of spring cleaning. So he got up, moved over a few inches, and proceeded to clean out Miss Sophie’s ears. What a guy!

Just a little spr--I mean, ear cleaning.

Just a little spr–I mean, ear cleaning.


Grizzy’s got game

These pictures always make me laugh. Grizzy is still very needy, but when I first got him he was SUCH a cuddlebug. I’d fall asleep with my hand on him, or when I was reading he’d have to burrow up so he was under my arm, to be as close as physically possible. One day I was laying down reading and sure enough, he jumped up on the bed with a “MROW!” and started working his way under my arm. I had my phone nearby, so I decided to snap a couple pictures. The results made me laugh out loud because as I told my mom, “Look, my cat is feeling me up.” LOL!

photo 4

photo 2(1)

Aww, yeah

Aww, yeah

My little goofball G. 🙂