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A sweet story

on June 24, 2014

Or, Go Dad!

My dad is a woodcutter. (I can hear him now “I’m a poor woodcutter,” which was in reference to this fairy tale about a tree fairy who convinced a woodcutter not to cut down her home.) Anyhow, he literally cuts down trees, trims trees, etc., for a living. And occasionally he rescues a cat. 🙂

My mom called to tell me a sweet story about a rescue that happened just this morning. A woman called my dad at 5 a.m. saying her cat had been up in a tree for 12 hours and would he be able to help get the cat down safely? Can you imagine that? The poor woman must have waited until she thought was the earliest-without-being-seen-as-crazy time to call. Or maybe she was waiting for the first dawn. Either way, I’m sure it was an awful 12 hours for her.

After my dad took the call, he got geared up, drove over to the location, climbed the tree, brought the cat down and reunited him with his person. My mom said the cat was black, too! He was certainly a lucky kitty, getting rescued, lol. I could tell my mom was so proud of my dad for going out there right away and rescuing the cat. The woman insisted on paying my dad and he said no, he was just happy to bring the cat down safely. That’s just how my dad is. He’s such a good man and I’m proud he’s my dad.

The story also makes me giggle a bit, in a happy way, because who do you call when your cat climbs a tree? I remember a couple years back my dad got a call to get a cat out of a tree. The person had called the fire department, but they said they no longer rescue cats from trees. Maybe it was just that department that no longer did it? Either way, I suppose it makes sense that you’d call a tree service to get a cat from a tree!

I’m just so proud of my dad. He’s got such a good heart, and he’s such a softie, especially where animals are concerned. I’m sure he was just as relieved as that woman to have the cat back on land. 🙂

4 responses to “A sweet story

  1. rykmau says:

    What a sweet story, Susan. I can see your parents passed their love of animals on to you. Dad is such a kind man to rescue that woman’s kitty and how grateful and appreciative she was for his help. So glad none of my outside kitties ever climbed or got stuck in a tree. I would have to fly your Dad to HI to get them down. 🙂

  2. That is definitely a sweet story. Your dad is a kind man. There are many of him but we need lots more in this world. Give him a big hug from all of us Funny Farmers.

  3. Rene S says:

    Yeah for your dad!

  4. Connie says:

    I’m kind of proud of your dad too. That is awesome.. and yes I can only imagine how much it took for that woman to wait until 5am..

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