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One of those months

on July 6, 2014

I had this whole post typed up and my computer—which is one of the woes I was lamenting—ate it all. In short, it’s been one of those months. In no particular order:

  • I need new brakes
  • I need a new computer (Things delete, suddenly everything’s centered, all sorts of fun like that. I’ve tried a defrag and all that good stuff—I think I need to get a new one before it decides to just die and take everything with it)
  • I had to see my doctor, which means crazy out-of-pocket expenses
  • My camera is going
  • Family drama
  • Grizzy’s health issues

    That probably isn’t all of it, but it’ll do. 🙂 Long story short, I feel like I’m hemorrhaging money, which is an awful feeling. But the worst part is Grizzy is not his normal self, and that’s where so much of the money went. That money isn’t money I’m necessary happy to spend, because it means he’s not feeling good and I want him feeling great, but I’m more than willing to spend it if we can get to the bottom of what is going on.

    My handsome, sweet. loving boy.

    My handsome, sweet. loving boy.

    Almost $1K worth of testing showed that G is negative for everything. Edited to add: In my original post, which my computer ate, I noted that this is great news! No heart worms, no FIP (pfft, way to scare me vet), no upper respiratory infection, no thyroid issues…so this is very good. I have the option of giving him another tapeworm pill, but I held off after talking to the vet last time. It just doesn’t seem necessary at this point—I feel like we’re just throwing random things at a problem we don’t really have defined. But maybe I should get it?

    He’s still skinny, but he’s still very active and he does eat a little bit. Tomorrow I’m calling a holistic vet to see if maybe he simply needs supplements and/or a diet change. I’ve been introducing him and Sophie to raw (they give it two paws down), but I know that can be a process, so I’m willing to give it time and practice.

    Whew. The year is halfway over. I’m hoping it’s up from here on out. 🙂

    5 responses to “One of those months

    1. Sure hope things start looking up for you. Sounds like a lot of stress at once. Whatever you try for Grizzy, hope it helps.

      • therosiebee says:

        Thank you! I’m sure it can only go up from here. And truly, the really great silver lining is at least G is negative for all that stuff. He’s active, affectionate…it’s a bit of a relief to have ruled out the major “bads.” Now we just need to fatten him up some; hopefully a diet change will do the trick.

    2. rykmau says:

      Boy, I sure could relate to all the things you listed, Susan. My computer is giving me fits, too, especially when I’m on FB. I was so relieved and glad Grizzy tested negative on all the tests but it’s concerning that he still isn’t 100%. I hope and pray the problem can be solved so Grizzy can start feeling great again. I just got Tiny on no-grain canned food and now raw is in. 😦 Not sure if he will go for that. Callie, the outside kitty, supplements her diet with raw which she catches on her own. Can’t get any rawer or fresher than that. I’m not about to put a mouse in my freezer for Tiny. LOL

    3. Connie says:

      OK, you’ve dewormed for tapes, but have you done it for round worms? I had a vet tell me once round worms can burrow into the lining of the digestive tract and lay eggs that hatch later in times of stress.

      • therosiebee says:

        I don’t believe so, although I’ll have to go back and check his paperwork. I have an appointment with the new vet, so I’ll definitely be asking her about this!

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