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A lesson from the cats

on July 9, 2014

Lately I feel like there’s been so much going on, and there has been a lot. Some of it I can control, some of it I can’t. Thankfully, some things seem to be working themselves out. For example, I think my computer problems might actually be *mouse* problems and not computer problems! I’m getting settled into my new job and I’m quite liking it. And while Grizzy is still worrying me with his weight loss, he’s continued to be active, eat (albeit not much), and his fur is shiny and soft. This gives me hope that surely whatever issues he’s having can be fixed. I ended up giving him the tapeworm pill, but I also scheduled an appointment with the holistic vet for next week. As my mom says, “You wouldn’t think twice to get a second opinion for yourself or your child! Why not your cat?” Wise words indeed. 🙂

Still, I find myself spread thin this week. I keep looking forward to Saturday afternoon when the craziness should be over. But what I should be looking at is Sophie:

Sophie chillin'

Sophie chillin’

Look at her, just chillin’ out, enjoying the breeze and the critters that are running around outside. She’s made sure to surround herself with some of her favorite toys. This is what I–and I think we all–need to do, especially when life gets really busy. Grab something you enjoy, get some fresh air, and just chill out and enjoy the little things in life.

PS: That massive pile of seeds is from the birds knocking it down, out of their feeder. I’ve been meaning to sweep it up, but every time I get set to do it, it’s either raining or has just rained, so it’s a big ol’ pile of mush.

2 responses to “A lesson from the cats

  1. Connie says:

    grrrr that you still don’t have an answer.

  2. Rene S says:

    It is good to remember that cats live in “the now.”

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