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Happy Gotcha Day Grizzy!

on July 13, 2014

(Note: Grizzy’s Gotcha Day was actually this past Friday, July 11. Due to the crazy of last week, I didn’t get my post up, but I did spoil him all weekend. :))

Today is an exciting day–it’s the anniversary of me and Grizzy being a team! (And a month later we adopted Sophie and became a family.)

From being in a tiny cube to stretching out watching the wildlife. :)

From being in a tiny cube to stretching out watching the wildlife. 🙂

I will never forget the day I saw him. He was pawing on the window of his cube like crazy. I knew I had to look at him, as well as his buddy in the adjacent cube. I looked as his friend first…seemed like a good fit, so as I waited for them to bring in G, I worried. How would I make a decision?

Grizzy came into the room and cautiously took inventory. Then he started rubbing up against me so I was able to get in some good pets–and unleash a lot of fur. It was humorous, kind of like Pig Pen in the Peanuts comic, only G had a cloud of fur following him around. Then he jumped up on my lap and the deal was sealed. I knew he was mine.

I signed the papers the next day and picked him up. I will never forget how he peed in his crate. He had just been neutered so that smell is forever burned into my memory, haha. For the first several days I’d come home to find him hiding under the couch. I was able to coax him out and then we would hang out together. He wasn’t too keen on being held, but he always had to be touching me when I was on my bed. It was very endearing.

He still likes hiding on occasion.

He still likes hiding on occasion.

I was so, so, so worried at first when he started to lose weight. At first I thought it simply due to an ear infection. We cleared that up, only to have him get a yeast infection in the ears. That cleared up, then the worm. Finally my boy started putting on weight, his coat grew in nice and shiny, and he became quite the handsome man cat! He enjoys playing in his tube, jumping into bed around 9:45-10, and chipmunk watching. He is my first boy cat, my first black cat, and my handsome G. I am thrilled to say he’s been with me for a whole year now. Here’s to many more!

4 responses to “Happy Gotcha Day Grizzy!

  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Grizzy. Sounds like you found the perfect home for yourself.

  2. Rene S says:

    Hooray to a special boy! Give him a kiss from his Auntie Rene.

  3. rykmau says:

    What a heartwarming story. When our babies choose us, it is the greatest feeling in the whole world. May you have many, many happy years with Griz and Sophie.

  4. Connie says:

    Happy Belated Gotcha Day!

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