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Grizzy vet update – Holistic vet

on July 18, 2014

Today I took Grizzy to the holistic vet. It was a very good experience overall. She confirmed that the tests I had run at the other vet made sense; yes it was a lot of money, but it was necessary to have them done to rule out certain things.

She did a physical exam of G. He’s down even more weight 😦 but everything else was fine. Coat was soft and shiny, eyes bright, etc. She spent a long time talking with me–close to an hour. The whole time G wandered around the room and rubbed up against everything.



She said there are a few options/tests that we could run (e.g., a GI panel to rule out IBD). However, she wants to start conservatively, which means both G and Sophie are transitioning to a raw diet. This is a logical first step, as G had various parasites before and when I adopted him. The vet pointed out he could have residual GI issues from the tapeworm, too, which others have noted.

G will also get probiotics for a time. Once he is on the raw diet, I’m supposed to add some fish oil. I’m supposed to weigh him once a week and then follow up in a month.

She did note that it could take up to three months to transition to raw. I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous. I’m so scared he’ll be one of those cats that refuses to eat and then he’ll lose even more weight and ahh!! But I agree that raw is the way to go. My personal doctor is very into diet, and I know how it affects me, and the more I read about the food industry, well…suffice to say, I think everyone’s optimal diet looks different. But I also think there is at least one common denominator: a lack of processed ingredients.

One thing about the visit that I found especially interesting and actually overlaps into my own personal health is essential oils. Now, normally I’d see a display and think “Oh, lordie, they’re going to try and sell me everything under the sun.” But she mentioned the oils almost as an afterthought, as we walked past a diffuser on the way out. Already I’d been interested, as a friend of mine who has battled some pretty major health issues used essential oils to good effect. (I like them, too, but I haven’t delved into which ones do what. I’ve only scratched the surface.) Long story short, I blurted that things have been pretty stressful for me lately, could that have had an effect on G? She smiled and nodded. I said I’d been pretty stressed to the extent of having nightmares probably 32 of the last 33 days. (They’ve been of varying degrees of nightmares. Not the worst I’ve had by any means, some have been more unsettling than scary, but they’re never fun.)

She suggested a couple oils that I could diffuse. I ended up buying some and a diffuser for a few reasons: I can’t burn candles, as Sophie will get right up in them; I think it might help G; I think it might help me. So win-win. Although man, I feel like I’m hemorrhaging money lately. But health is something I’m willing to fork over the money for. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and all that.

(On a money note, good news! It appears my computer issues were due to a malfunctioning mouse! How great is it it when something that could potentially cost $500-700 ends up being a $10 fix? I’ll take it!)

I’m sure I’m missing a million things, but I have lots of notes. I will definitely be reading up on things more this weekend.

OH! And naturally I couldn’t get a stool sample from him before we went…and as soon as we got home, he went. I’ll be dropping that off tomorrow (no pun intended). However, since his last sample came back negative and he always has Tootsie rolls, I’m not too worried. Although I think the new diet should help. Fingers crossed!

3 responses to “Grizzy vet update – Holistic vet

  1. Rene s. says:

    I am so glad you did this. If you need help with raw, Connie has a lot of knowledge too. It is scary at first, but really its not hard. Please let me know how you like the diffuser. I’ve considered getting one.

  2. rykmau says:

    I don’t think we have a holistic vet here and so glad you found a good one. You and Griz will get healthy again. I’ll have to try giving raw to my two furkits as I have a package of it still in my freezer. At least they are eating no grain canned food every so often. The outside kitty catches her own food sometimes and it doesn’t get any fresher or rawer than that. LOL Sorry to hear about your nightmares. I get such weird dreams, too. I just hope none of them come true.

  3. Connie says:

    I remember the fear of doing it, but back then everyone I talked to save for a few people on line on one message board were telling me how horribly dangerous it was to do it, including my holistic vet.. (who is all over the diet now)

    go very slowly. If he won’t eat it outright, just put a small amount of the raw along with his regular meal and don’t push it.. eventually he’ll get used to it and give it a try.. slowly increase the new and slowly start decreasing the old.

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