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Sophie and the shoes

on September 1, 2014

Sophie sure seems to have a thing for my shoes. (She’s such a girl.) When we play with her strings-on-a-stick toys, she always seems to retreat to my shoes. She’ll hide behind them, on them, or in them, like they are a little fortress. It’s so cute.

Miss Sophie seems to like my shoes.

Miss Sophie seems to like my shoes.

Shoe love.

Shoe love.

In other news, Happy September! I am always excited about new months, and this one is no different. I’m looking forward to many things:

  • Cooler weather
  • Training for my 10K next month
  • Focusing on some new goals I’ve set

    I so cannot wait for this humidity to go away. For one, I have a few items I want to paint and painting in this humidity ain’t happening. Also, I recently got my hair hacked cut and it’s a little shorter than I’d like. This is usually not a big deal (after all, it’ll grow); but it’s curly. And curly hair + 100% humidity = shrinkage. I suppose given some of the un-fun life things going on, this is relatively trivial, but eh. It’s still a pain.

    Still, it’s September, and that is a good thing. 🙂

    Do you get excited about new months? Got anything exciting planned for this month?

    4 responses to “Sophie and the shoes

    1. rykmau says:

      Sophie is such a girly girl. I can sure relate to your humidity. You are lucky to have fall and the weather gets cooler. It probably won’t get cooler here until next year. 😦

    2. I do like new months! Especially when new months mean the promise of cooler temperatures. 🙂

      Starting a new exercise plan this month. Day one is done and I hope I can keep it up!

    3. Rene S says:

      I thought only kittens had a thing for shoes, LOL!

    4. Connie says:

      so how many times have you gone to put your shoes on only to find a toy in them?

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