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A change in perspective

on October 8, 2014
Sophie girl.

My sweet girl.


My little G.

Monday was one of those days. I was reeling from some bad stuff that happened during the weekend: I needed some car repairs, and in looking at that, a friend pointed out that my tires were completely bald! Goodbye, money!

Now, I have the means to get it fixed, which is good. But the logistics of getting rentals, or rather, getting a ride to the rental place stirs up some uncomfortable feelings for me. (I feel like I’ve been the “independent kid” in my family, and perhaps that’s why when I need help, it often seems like it’s not there. Maybe because they think, “Oh, she’ll figure something out.)

Then I realized my TMJ had been hurting all day and was getting worse. It hurt to open my jaw even an inch. This is very scary for me, as I locked my jaw for three-plus weeks four years ago. It was extremely painful, cost me a lot of money, and more than anything else, was terrifying as the weeks went on with no change. I was told I might have to consider surgery. Thankfully, my orthodontist helped me out with a couple tweaks to my retainers. (I still say a prayer of thanks for him every once in a while!!)

There were a few other things that happened, which I forget. But that is good in a way. You see, as I drove home I decided I needed to try and relax to help my jaw. I think the light traffic helped, because I noticed I was calmer. I thought, “I’ve got to try and see the positive.” And suddenly, I did.

  • I had to run some errands after work, so I started with the pet store. I got some litter and food and what do you know! The Litter Genie that I had planned on saving up for was on sale for half price!
  • Then I went to the hardware store. There was a lone cart outside, so I pushed it in. The clerk who greeted me looked SO happy and surprised that someone pushed the cart in! Her smile made my day.
  • I was at the store to get some screws (ha) and the guy who helped me was SO nice. He found the ones I needed in about 0.2 seconds. (And trust me, there were dozens. It was a sea of screws.)
  • When I got home, lugging my litter, Litter Genie, and assorted other bags from the car, my neighbor saw me from inside and opened the door for me.

These were all “big-little” things: small gestures that are often overlooked but make such a huge difference in how you feel, when you stop to pay attention.

And let me tell you, there is nothing better than coming home after a yucky day and seeing my two furbabies running around. Well, Grizzy does the flop-and-stretch so I can give him a good rub-down, and Sophie headbutts me and runs around in circles.

At the end of the day, I see I am very blessed, and I am so thankful for that.

2 responses to “A change in perspective

  1. rykmau says:

    So glad your day ended on a positive note even though it started off badly. Sometimes it’s hard to be positive but it really does work when we are. Our furbabies help a lot, too. Hope your jaw is doing better.

  2. Connie says:

    sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in our first world problems.. it is good to remember that if these are the problems you have then it isn’t all bad.

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