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Sophie and the mews

on November 24, 2014
Princes Sophie

Princes Sophie

This is one of my favorite pictures of Sophie. I love how she is sitting here so relaxed. She is my sweet little girl.

Lately I’ve been stressing a bit, because she’s been waking me up in the middle of the night (maybe 2-4 am) and then around 5 am. I can handle the 5 am, but earlier than that is a little tough. She’ll start with these kitten mews and flop on her back to show her belly. I feel so bad because I need to sleep!

She also has been going to the front door (which leads to my building’s hallway) and crying. I let her go out there every once in a while and then I bring her in, but I feel terrible that she doesn’t have a big house to run around in.

I’ve been trying to keep her active with toys and exercise, but part of me feels like I’m failing as a cat mom. 😦

I did buy some cat shelves, which are in the process of being put up (getting the right screws has been a challenge). Maybe I should look into one of those floor-to-ceiling cat trees and make myself totally un-dateable, har har. Sophie isn’t such a fan of the smaller cat tree I have, but lately she’s been trying to climb door frames fairly often. I’ve also seen cat climbers that hang on the backs of doors–anyone have experience with those?

Any other suggestions? Maybe a new brother or sister for G and S? (I’ve looked, but so far no matches.) I want to make sure my baby girl is happy!

2 responses to “Sophie and the mews

  1. Connie says:

    so why is it when a guy builds something for his cat he’s cool, but if a woman wants to do it she is crazy??

    The shelter uses one of the over the door things in one of their cat rooms, the cats seem to like it.

  2. therosiebee says:

    Oh, I know. I try to make light of it, but it bothers me that people make cracks like “Not married and two cats already? We see where this is going!” I get that all the time unfortunately.

    I think I’ll try out one of the door hanger-thingers! My space isn’t super-small, but I’d like to try and maximize the space as much as possible while giving the furkids more vertical space.

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