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Upstanding again

on December 7, 2014

I started this post last week, so I need to update it a bit. The gist was, last Monday I threw out my back. The furkids heard a lot of bad words last week. A lot. Let me tell you, you never realize just how low toilets are until you have lower back spasms. And getting out of the car was quite the ordeal. It took me three times on average. Naturally, someone had to pull up right in front of me so I had an audience. :p I can laugh about it now, but last week I seriously looked like a hula girl in mid-hula. As in, my left hip was permanently cocked out to the side.

Thankfully today I seem to be almost back to normal. I even celebrated with a half-hour walk! One thing that really helped was my awesome $4 thrift-store heating pad!

face down woman with heating pad

Looks kind of like a crime scene…

Don’t you love that picture on front? Looks kind of like the woman is past needing an electric blanket. And I liked these oh-so-’80s pictures on the side. Check out that sculpted hair!

Woman on back with heating pad

Post-aerobics rest?

photo 2 (2)

I’m in awe of that hair.

At any rate, I managed to get to my desk a couple times (and then rued the moment I had to get up from the very low chair). Look who I found by my feet:

Sophie hiding under the destk

My little surprise guest Sophie.

She’s still not a snuggler, per se, but I’m finding she always seems to be close lately. This melts my heart. 🙂

In looking at these and some other photos of late, it’s apparent I need a new camera. My mother has been saying for a fully year now that she’ll gift me her old camera but I’m tired of waiting. I’ve been using my phone camera a lot, but that seems to be going too. (The camera, not the phone itself.) Any suggestions for a good point-and-shoot or even DSLR camera?

2 responses to “Upstanding again

  1. rykmau says:

    You just crack me up, Susan. I’m so sorry you hurt your back but glad it’s getting better. You sure got a bargain with that $4 heating pad and nothing makes you feel better than a sweet kitty. Take care. I bet you would look great in a hula skirt. LOL

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