The Rosie Bee

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Hallway fun – with computer talk!

Lately I’ve been letting the kitties out into the hallway a couple times a day. Usually first thing in the morning and before we go to bed. They seem to enjoy being able to burn off some energy doing sprints up and down the hallway, and up and down the stairs. Also: Wrestlemania, kitty-style. I tell them that one day they will have their very own hallway to run around in. It probably won’t happen for a couple more years, but I’m working on it. Slow and steady.

I want to remember some of the fun things they do when they’re out there. The carpet is berber, so they can really hook their claws into it.

Berber carpet wikipedia

Image credit: Wikipedia

Sophie especially loves this. As soon as I open my front door, she’ll take two steps and do the flop, so she lands on her side. This gives me a good chance to rub that floofy belly of hers. You can literally see how relaxed her body get; she is so blissed out–from that berber carpet!–as she reaches her front legs out in front of her. digs in her claws, and drags herself up along the carpet. She’ll do that at least three or four times, sometimes pulling her body in a half circle. It’s so funny!

Grizzy does this, too, only he’ll hook in his back legs and use that to propel himself forward. I guess it’s kind of like the cat-carpet version of rock climbing. I laugh every time because they seem so happy and it looks so silly. It’s the simple pleasures, right?

In other news, I’ve accepted the fact that it’s time for a new computer. After freaking out about having to buy a new cell phone (those suckers are expensive!), I’m now a bit more relaxed about buying a new computer. I guess the experience has broken me, haha. Really, though, my phone is so much faster and easier to use, plus it has a bigger screen (nice for me). And while I don’t use the phone for all that much, I am enjoying being able to download and listen to podcasts without issue. Makes my morning commute infinitely more tolerable. That alone is pretty much worth the price of admission.

The whole experience made me realize just how interminably slow my computer is. I thought I might be able to keep it through the end of the year, but it’s getting to the point where I don’t want to be on it because it’s soooo slooooow. While I hate the idea of switching before it’s officially dead, it’s becoming more of an issue. Plus, I’ve had it for a little over five years, so it’s been a good ride. Now I have to decide to I get another Dell? And how long should/can I wait?

I’ll have to sleep on it. 🙂

Sophie and Grizzy passed out on the pink blanket.

They must sleep on things, too. 🙂

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Thrifty Thursday – Gift edition

Last week was my birthday (hurrah!) and my friend Rene gave me a lovely cat-themed gift. It also was a thrift store find! 😀

Cat plaque with poem.

So very true.

I love it for many reasons. One, the calico reminds me of my Rosie. I have such a soft spot for those cuties. Also, the poem is so perfect. Grizzy is such a baby and no matter where I am, there he is–usually on me. And the “I’m not yours – you’re all mine!” is so Sophie.

It’s a beautiful plaque and looks great hanging up. I love that such great items–in mind condition!–can be found at thrift stores.


Wordless Wednesday

Sophie and Grizzy on the pink flannel

A relaxing afternoon.

I love how Sophie looks like she has plump cheeks here. 🙂

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Wipe out!

Sophie and G on down comforter.

Fluff: A study in black and white.

I have felt so wiped out lately. Work stress has me, well, stressed. Perhaps because of that I’ve been struggling to kick this low-grade cold once and for all. Good thing it’s Monday and I’ve decided enough is enough! It’s time to take the life by the horns and show it who’s boss (and use a lot of cliches, lol).

This weekend, though? The cats and I did a lot of chillin’. Thrifting, knitting, Downton Abbey. That’s what I call quality time.

Sophie and Grizzy on the down comforter

One of my most favorite pictures ever!

I took these pictures with my brand spankin’ new iPhone 6! That excitement was only for the sales associate who helped me. (“Aren’t you excited? I’m excited for you!”) I’m glad to have a functional phone, but I can’t say I get all that excited about dropping an insane amount of money for a phone. I was tempted to go the Trac Phone route, but I wasn’t ready to make the switch.

Selecting a phone was a two-day affair. I went in, stated what I wanted, and was shown a few options. I was so overwhelmed, and it was so stressful, that instead of making a decision, I had to go get a massage. (Just kidding, I had that scheduled for my birthday.) I came back the next day and Issac, the guy who helped me, was there again. At one point he said, “I was thinking about you last night–not in a creepy way–because you never came back.” I laughed out loud; I’m so glad he qualified that with the “not in a creepy way.” Ha.

I finally settled on a phone and he agreed it was a good choice for me. A few swipes of his tablet and heee-eey! It comes with an iPad mini! I felt like such a grandma because I kept reiterating that “it’s free, right?” He informed me that well, it wasn’t “free,” per se, but whether I got it or not, the price would still be the same. All right, however you want to slice it, it won’t cost me any extra, so I’ll take it. But what will I do with it? Yes, I actually asked that. I was told I could replace my old one.

Um, I don’t have an iPad. Or tablet of any kind.

Cue gasps from the staff. I joked that I was probably the only person in the States without an iPad. “Well, I gotta tell you, even these older folks that come in, they’ve got one…”. Keep in mind this all happened on my birthday. I officially Felt Old.

But overall, I have to say the service was great. They answered all my questions–and trust me, I had many; they were very nice, and they saved me some money after taking a bunch for the phone. That’s right, my bill is now lower courtesy of a work discount. I was mighty excited to hear about that!

And truly, I am very pleased with the quality of the pictures. Now I can fill my phone up with pictures of my small fries. 🙂

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I had a lovely day. I had lunch with a friend of mine, started Lent, observed the new moon, and got a massage. I have some goals I’d like to work toward this year, one of which is to try and be grateful every day. I have a few more goals, but I’ll share those later. Suffice to say, I am grateful for my Sophie and Grizzy, and I am so grateful to have this outlet. And I am grateful for all you, too!

Have a wonderful week!


Thrifty Thursday – Tiki lamp

This week’s find comes from my all-time favorite thrift store, which has now closed. (RIP Waukesha Salvation Army!) I am anxiously awaiting it to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Well, it didn’t burn down; they lost their lease. Last I heard, they were looking for a new location. So stay tuned for more SA finds!

Until then, here are a couple pictures that made me tear up with nostalgia. I present to you, the Tiki Lamp!

thrift store tiki lamp

Perfect for your tiki lounge!

Thrift store tiki lamp view 2

Beautiful from all angles.

It’s pretty ugly, imo. I laughed when I first saw it. However, I do really dig the tiki lounge stuff. Growing up, I remember visiting some friends of my parents who had an awesome tiki lounge basement. They were such nice people. Margaret, the wife, would always tell me how she got my parents together. 🙂 They were so generous and kind and loved to socialize. My mom still has a lot of great black-and-white pictures from parties Margaret had when my parents were still dating. Such a blast from the past–the clothes, the tiki swag. It’s very cool.

I wonder who bought this lamp? And if they gave it a rightful place in a tiki lounge? Or if they thought it’d look great in their living room next to a giant tv. Hmm…


Wordless Wednesday – You can’t see me

Grizzy under the ottoman.

Grizzy slept like this.

Also, happy birthday to me! 🙂


Weekend wrap-up

This weekend was a pretty low-key. Once again, I was sick. Not full-blown sick, but definitely fighting something off. This happened a week or so ago; it must be some low-grade virus that I’ve got. I know people in the office have been getting it much worse. I was tempted to stay home last week but a) I wasn’t *quite* that sick, and b) my boss’ last day is Tuesday. 😦 I will miss her terribly, but it’s a great opportunity for her.

So it makes sense that this weekend was pretty quiet. I did a lot of chilling out with the cats and knitting:

Row afghan

Zee afghan.

It’s not finished, but it’s definitely knitting up quick. What you don’t see in that picture is Grizzy sitting up top the couch (where my head was, when I was sitting) and Sophie in the upper right corner, by the pillow (she left when I got up). It’s so nice having them sit with me. The down time is nice.

I also watched Downton Abbey. Any Downton fans here? Last week I said “What the hell?” out loud and this week it was “Oh, come on!” I love Downton Abbey but I’m not too happy with certain developments the last couple weeks.

Speaking of Downton, I was so excited that I got a copy of Downton Tabby in my Secret Paws last year! How cool is that?

Downton Tabby

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

There is even a kitty that looks like my G. Love it!

Happy Monday, all. I hope to be back to the land of the living (and posting) this week!


Thrifty Thursday – The Stole

Today’s thrifting find comes from a teeny tiny little thrift shop with the most limited hours on the face of the earth. It’s in a small town where a lot of wealthy older women live (or at least donate their belongings). So while I’m not surprised to find fur coats and stoles there, I wasn’t quite expecting this:

Gross animal stole with fake eyes.

The eyes have it.

I’m not sure what kind of animal this is/was, but I know there are definitely two of them. The one is biting the other one (in the hind quarters, no less), so the stole is long enough to wrap around the neck. Or so I’m guessing, I wasn’t putting this thing on my neck. Not with the feet still attached and dangling. And check out the nose. It was flaky and almost crusted over. The ears were also very odd. Obviously, whoever “made” it took great care to add in some oh-so-realistic eyeballs. (Can you see me rolling mine?)

It was really strange to look at it and realize “These were two live animals at one point.”

Gross animal stole

Who on earth thought this was a good idea?

I’ve gotta be honest, this really grossed me out. I’m not against wearing leather. I know in some areas people wear fur for more or less practical reasons (e.g., living in sub-zero temps) instead of, say, throwing on the ol’ mink coat to go to the opera. But the idea of wearing two animal carcasses slung around my neck as a fashion statement gives me the heebie-jeebies. I mean, the foot pads were still there. The claws were still there. D:

Gross animal stole feet

Those feet…

This one stayed in the store.


Wordless Wednesday

Grizzy snuggled up in blankets

Ah, blissful sleep.

(This post brought to you by the fact that the first time in weeks–if not months–I slept a solid 8+ hours! It was glorious!)


Basket lovin’

I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of G in the basket. Those eyes! He is absolutely in love with that basket, too. It’s funny. Sometimes I’ll walk in the living room and there’s Sophie, by the patio window, and there is Grizzy, tucked inside his basket.

Grizzy in a basket.

It’s a good spot to chill.

It’s so Grizzy. Another thing that’s so Grizzy is sometimes he will sit and cry until I pick him up or give him a good rub-down. He won’t settle for one or two pets–he wants a full-on kitty massage. And he expresses his excitement my rubbing and/or headbutting everything. It’s almost like, “Woo-hoo! Mom’s going to pet me! I’ll just start rubbing my head on the floor.” My silly little G.

How was y’alls weekends? Mine was pretty nice. I did a lot of thinking about future plans: career, life, furniture projects, cats…. Do you ever have weekends or times when you do that? Maybe I’m just neurotic, lol. I also took naps both Saturday and Sunday. I feel so guilty when I do that, but it was nice. I especially like it because the cats will nap with me. I love it when they curl up next to me. It’s one of those simple pleasures I cherish (even if I do feel slightly guilty).

I also went to a new mediation group. After the meditation, we were asked to pass this baton and share our thoughts and experiences. Other than getting tired of hearing our instructor saying “Beautiful,” it was pretty interesting to hear the comments. Everyone except for one person was super positive and “Oh, it was so great and perfect!” I’m not doubting them, but I can’t say I’ve been to a class where everyone had a five-star, “textbook” meditation experience.

Of course, then there was me. 🙂 I went last, and I was honest in saying that this time my thoughts pretty much shut off. I explained that I’ve been under quite a bit of stress lately, and maybe my mind took it as a good time to get really, really quiet? To the point of shutting off? The look on the instructor’s face was so funny–I don’t think he was expecting anyone to say their thoughts shut off completely. I know it’s not unusual; everyone’s experience is different each time, but it still made me want to laugh.

Have a great week!