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Oh, Tannenbaum

Welcome to another edition of Thrifty Thursday! Haha, I love that–sounds like a game show. Today’s feature is something I’ve loved since I was a kid: Ceramic Christmas trees. A friend of mine always put one up in her room every holidays season and I was in awes of it. It was delicate, colorful, and so cheerful. I loved sitting in her room at night with it twinkling away.

Unfortunately, these items are pretty hard to find these days, as they are more of a vintage holiday item. I did find one online at the Vermont Country Store but when it arrived, I could see the quality was less than stellar. (Note: I’ve ordered plenty of other items from VCS and have been very happy with the quality.) Sadly, I sent it back and continued my search.

One day while at my local Salvation Army, I found this beauty!

Vintage ceramic Christmas tree

Oh, thrift store tannenbaum.

I was excited because it was like the tree of my youth, only this one had birds instead of bulbs, which was a nice, unusual touch. It had the base that holds a 60-watt bulb and everything looked good as far as the cord and clicker-oner. I remember it was 6- or 7-something, so naturally I hemmed and hawed and drove around with it in my cart but finally I caved and bought it.

Since then I’ve found two more–one a little smaller and one quite a bit larger. I’ll feature those in a later edition. Today, this happy little tree gets the spotlight. 🙂

There are a few birds missing, but I know they can be ordered online. I just haven’t done it yet, whoops. One day! Rest assured the missing birds haven’t stopped me from enjoying my tree every single day that I have it out.


Wordless Wednesday

Sophie and Grizzy profile sun

Ahh, sun.

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You’d think that by now rejection would be easier, but sometimes it’s more upsetting than ever.

Sophie kitty hiding in a laundry basket.

Oh, how I wish I could hide out right now.


Happy February

I love new months. I love the idea of fresh starts, new goals, and all that good stuff. Can you believe the year is 1/12 over? Already I’m thinking “Hmm…if I can get my computer to hold on for 11 more months…”. This year is all about living on the cheap. So far I’m doing good with my new budget. I already think I’ve blown it for February, I stocked up on some essential oils and even forgot a couple, but I’ve still many days to redeem myself.

Thank you again for all the kind words and support last week. Very, very late last week the details of the reorg were announced. Thankfully I have a job–for now. (See where the living cheap thing comes in handy? haha) While we were told not to worry, I know things aren’t finished yet, so I’m keeping an eye open for opportunities.

The kitties continue to be a huge comfort for me. I’ve been trying to have “couch time,” where I actually sit and watch tv, read, knit, do whatever so long as I am relaxing. It’s been such a kick to see Sophie up on the couch by my head! For the longest time she would sleep under the couch, in the closet, by the desk; basically, not by me. Seeing her claim her own little place melts my heart.

Sophie on the couch cushions

Sophie has created her very own perma-dents in the cushions.

And check out those little feetsies! And the floof!

Sophie toe floof.

Sophie’s toe floof appears to be growing.

Here’s to a very good month filled with lots of great things. Happy February!