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Spring chillin’

It’s been a wild past few weeks here at The Rosie Bee. Spring is here, it was Sophie’s birthday, and we bought a new computer. Phew! But Grizzy wanted to let you know there is still a lot of chilling out that takes place here. Like so:

Grizzy on pink fleece

Spring chillin’. (We even swapped out the winter fleece for the spring colors!)

This was taken after a crazed “I’ve got ENERGY!” run around the house. I love how he is splayed out but still seems on alert, ready to jump back into the race if need be. πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful last bit of March!


Thrifty Thursday – Don’t pass up the jewelry case!

I’m still having computer issues (my new one will be ordered tonight!) so I’m using my work computer. Thus, these posts are a little scattered. As is work, currently. But I need a break, and you need some pictures, so voila!

Many times in the past, I’ve found myself wandering past the jewelry cases at thrift stores. In some places (like some Goodwills by my house), the jewery is mostly thrown together or ends up thrown together in a jumble. But if you have a little time to sort through it, you can finds some interesting pieces.

willow necklace

Willow necklace

This is one of those pieces. I’m not sure what caught my eye–it was probably the white faux pearls that made me think “What IS that?” I pulled it out and took a closer look. It makes me think of pussy willow branches.



I like it!

close up of willow necklace

close up of willow necklace

So learn from my earlier mistake: If you like jewelry, and you like thrifting, be sure not to pass up the jewelry cases.


The Winner!

First off, I apologize again for the lateness. My computer is basically on life support. I’ve been narrowing down my computer selection and I will be making a final decision by tomorrow (payday, woo). Goodbye, monies! But I know I’ll be very happy not having to use the work computer on off hours.

Second, thank you to everyone who read and commented. I truly appreciate it. Sophie is my special girl and it was fun to celebrate her day. I have pictures below, but first, I’d like to get to the random winner!

(It’s here I need to apologize again. I couldn’t get the stupid plug-in to, well, plug in! So we improvised here at TRB. Names in a hat!)

And the lucky winner is…


Roberta, if you read this, please comment below or email me directly if you have my email. I can then send your gift, which has a little something for you and a little something for the furbaby (or babies) in your life.

Sophie with her birthday cupcake.

Sophie with her birthday treat.

You may be wondering why Sophie doesn’t have a candle. Well, she once got a little too curious about a real candle and there went a couple eyebrow whiskers. After that, I decided no more candles in the house. I did sing to her, though. πŸ™‚

Sophie disses the cupcake

No thanks.

Sophie sniffs the cupcake

Maybe I’ll give it another try…

Sophie turns away from cupcake

For the last time, Mom, NO!

Thank you again to everyone who wished my little girl well. It really was a fun day for me.


We apologize for the delay…

We’ve been having some computer issues here at The Rosie Bee. I apologize that we didn’t announce Sophie’s birthday prize winner! We promise to announce the grand winner on Wednesday, March 25. (That gives us a couple extra days to work out all the issues and if nothing else, find a different computer from which to post!)

Thank you for your patience!


Happy Birthday, Sophie!

Sophie and G by the plastic tube

Hanging with the big brother

Two years ago today my beautiful little Sophie was born! When she was first born her name was “Starlight.” I changed it upon adopting her and called her “Sophie” after the inquisitive, feisty girl in the book “Sophie’s World.”

This tiny little kitten has grown into a spunky, floofy young lady cat. I love her so much. Happy Birthday, Sophie!

Pensive sophie

My beautiful girl.

Sophie passed out by cat tower

Crashed out after an intense play session.

Surly baby Sophie

My surly little girl. πŸ™‚

Sophie on keyboard with G

Needing to be close to big bro G.

Tiny baby Sophie

So tiny!

Sophie getting groomed by G

Getting groomed.

Be sure to wish Sophie a happy birthday in the comments and you will be entered to win a surprise gift! I will announce a winner on Friday, March 20 (the first day of Spring)! πŸ™‚


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sophie and Grizzy on St. Patrick's Day blanket

Crashed out from too much merry-making.

Irish or not, we wish you a very happy St. Patrick’s day!

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Hallway flops

This week is the birthday girl’s week! I thought I’d start things off by showing her do her famous Hallway Flop.

Sophie flopping in the hallway

The flop

Sophie rolling in the hallway

Time to roll.

Sophie shows her tummy

You may now rub the kitteh belleh.

Sophie and Grizzy love exploring the hallway where I live. Nothing too crazy, just stretch their legs a bit. There is a ton more sun in the hallway, too, which they really like. It’s fun to watch them chill out.

Unfortunately, I think we need to put the kibosh on this for a time. I had a bit of a meeting with one of my neighbors this morning. I’ve heard things from her I didn’t like, but this morning I got an earful:

Was it me who is always shutting the basement door? It should be kept open! (Um, since when?) And do I know who propped the outside door open? That should always be kept shut! (Sigh.) Then I got an earful about the cats (alright, whatever). This was all peppered with colorful language, but the worst was when a particularly offensive term came out that had my mouth drop right open. You just don’t call people certain things. I was so stunned I literally didn’t know what to say. :/ And she’s complaining that the neighborhood is going downhill?!

Has anyone ever dealt with a situation like this before? It’s tough, because she’s not just an annoyance, she’s a bully. But there’s two of them and one of me. I don’t want to do anything that will get me and the cats booted, you know? Although this has brought me to a big decision: My upcoming lease is the last lease I will sign here. It’s not because of her, granted; it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve been feeling more and more ready to make the leap, interest rates are very low, I’ve found myself looking at places online, etc. This confrontation simply came after a long weekend of thinking about everything else, so it was almost like another little nudge.

So next summer, I plan to be looking to buy a place. It’s definitely do-able, and I know I could do it now, but the organizerΒ in me likes the fact that I have a good year to save and plan, lol.

Here is to better things! And Sophie’s birthday on Wednesday! Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for a chance to enter the birthday raffle. πŸ™‚


Thrifty Thursday – The Knitter

The Knitter

Introducing, The Knitter

This has to be one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever found. It’s basically a stick, but somehow you can knit with it. I knit, but the only knitting I’ve ever done is with two (and sometimes four) needles. I also don’t think the basic stiches of knit and purl are that difficult to master. Tension, yes. The stitches? Not really. So The Knitter befuddled me.

The knitter outfit

Knit your own fashion!

But those outfits you can knit! They rendered me speechless. Especially the vest/pants combo.

The Knitter hot pants and vest

I don’t even.

Maybe it was just the pose. Come on! Just whaa? Who thought that was a good pose–to model clothes you could make with a $5.99 knitting gadget?! And where on earth would you wear that? (Yeah, I probably don’t want to venture to guess.)

I suppose in the ’70s or ’80s, whenever The Knitter was born, they tried to show that knitting ain’t just for grandmas and single ladies with two cats anymore! πŸ˜‰


One week from today!

This sassy little lady turns 2! That’s right, on March 18 my sweet little baby girl turns the big oh-two. πŸ™‚

Sophie kitty posing.

So grown up!

It’s funny, looking at this picture I can really see how she’s turned from feisty kitten to young lady cat. In the days leading up to the big day, I’ll have some fun memory posts of her. I’ll also have a special giveaway drawing on her birthday, so please stop by that day to wish her a happy birthday and you’ll be entered into the drawing.

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A new plan

What a week! And what a weekend. Do you ever have it where you have so many things on your to-do list and you get maybe three of the 30 things crossed off? That was me this weekend. Still, I got a few things done. The sunny days definitely helped, too. It was a perfect time to get my car washed. I was on the other side of town, so I visited a car wash I’d not been to. I sat in line for about 25 minutes. No worries, I’d be waiting no matter where I went and it was a nice day. I got up to select and pay for my wash only to find they don’t accept credit cards. I couldn’t back up, since there were six cars behind me and about two inches between me and the guy directly behind me. I couldn’t go forward into the wash without paying. I was stuck! Fortunately, I was able to squeeze out of my car and run into the gas station, which even more fortunately, had an ATM.

I took my $20 bill, inserted it, got my wash and about five pounds of quarters in change. Ah, well. My car is now nice and clean for a few days.

Finished afghan

I wove in the loose ends before I wrapped it up!

Last week I also finished the afghan! It was pretty exciting, as that was the largest piece I’ve ever made. Not necessarily the most complicated, but the largest. I hope the recipient likes it.

If you’ve read this far you are likely wondering “New plan?” Yes! I’ve queued up some posts, yahoo! I think this will work well. It should also help with the slooow computer issue. If I do a few at once, I don’t have to turn on my computer, get frustrated everything is taking so long to load, and then leave before everything is up. I’ve got my eye on a couple models, but I still think “Maybe I can get one or two more months out of this one…”. I’m being diligent about backing things up, though; I have a feeling one day I will turn it on to find the blue screen o’ death and that will be that.

That’s the news for now…but keep your eyes posted! Tomorrow I will be announcing a special giveaway!

PS: As I sit here on the couch typing, the kitties are passed out just above me. It was a long weekend of doing cat things, so the break is well deserved. πŸ™‚

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