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Thrifty Thursday – Orange scrubbie holder

Orange scouring pad holder

You will? Aw, thanks!

This literally made me laugh out loud. The pronouncement on it, so you know exactly what it’s willing to do for. The fact that it’s a souvenir from Florida–who thinks up this stuff? “Hmm…what would Florida tourists want to remember their awesome Florida vacation? I got it! A scouring pad holder with ‘Florida’ printed on it!” I also like the holes in it so you can give it a place of honor above your sink.


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Wordless Wednesday – Where is Sophie?

Where's Sophie?

Where’s Sophie?

Sophie's ear by Grizzy

There is she! Her ear, at least. 🙂

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Monday musings

Grizzy watching tv with me

Grizzy checking out “Game of Thrones”

The last few weeks I’ve been watching “Game of Thrones”. I’m caught up through Season 3. I think I’ll pick up the books, although I heard after the first book the tv series and the book series seem to diverge.

I suppose I’ve been watching more tv than usual lately because I’ve felt kind of overwhelmed or anxious. Nothing extreme; I’m certainly not having panic attacks or anything. It’s simply been this low-grade feeling. I’ve been having these not-quite-nightmares but definitely stress dreams lately, too. Overall I feel like there’s not enough time. Like it’d be so great to work part-time or take a nice long vacation. I haven’t taken a real vacation in years. The year before last I was finishing up grad school so vacations were out, and then last year my boss took leave and due to projects, there was no opportunity for me to take a vacation. Perhaps that explains the feeling overwhelmed, worn out, tired? Tired, literally. Friday night I slept 10 hours, then took a nap on Saturday, and Sunday I was pretty lazy, too.

Have you ever felt that way? I’m sure part of it is due to some life changes (work, whee!) and maybe some of it is getting older? I have to laugh as I type that, because I’m sure it sounds silly, but I remember how I did so much. Now if I’m gone more than two nights a week I’m all “Noooo!” The remembering also has me sometimes thinking “Coulda, shoulda, woulda.” I don’t sit around regretting things I did or didn’t do, but it goes with the lack of energy thing, I suppose. Like if I had bought a lottery ticket 10 years ago maybe I would be on a month-long vacation right about now. 😉

In all honesty, I’m frustrated with this forced slowing down. But maybe it’s my body’s way of saying “Hey, you! You gotta slow down. Oh, you don’t want to? Well, watch this!” and bam! I’m tired.

Maybe it’s just a season of my life. I sure hope so. I miss having not just extra energy but more spring in my step. I feel very blessed and daily I say “thank you” for the good things in my life, so I’m not feeling down, per se. Just…tired.

I tell you what, though. Next year I’m taking a vacation. Next year will be the year I take a full week off! And I’m going out of state. Not quite sure where, but it’s happening. I’ve got a budgeting plan worked out and the whole nine yards. In the meantime, I’ll try to up the yoga and the vitamin D.

Happy Monday, all!

ETA: OK, this is the last straw. Last night I dreamed I was watching the cats look out the patio window and suddenly -GASP!-. I woke up, eye wide open, adrenaline pumping, knowing for sure *something* had happened. Naturally, nothing had, but I’m so over these stress dreams. Why do they keep happening? I don’t feel *that* stressed out! Argh.


Thrifty Thursday – Beaded purse

It’s the return of Thrifty Thursday! And I am excited to share this find with you:

Vintage beaded purse

Vintage beaded purse – only $6!

Inside of beaded purse

Made in Japan. Don’t often see that these days…

I found this while digging through the wallet/small purse section of my local Goodwill. I mean “digging” literally; the larger purses hang on the wall but these clutches or wallets often get tossed into a smaller bin. I wasn’t sure I’d use this very often, but I was so taken by the beading. It’s in very good condition, I think maybe one or two beads are missing, at most. It’s also very heavy!

This is a purse I loved but almost walked away from because it was (gasp!) $6. Not a lot of money, really, but I thought “Will I use this very often?” Luckily my sister was with me and said if it made me that happen, it was worth the $6, even if I just admired it every once in a while. Sold!


(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday

Little Grizzy kitty tongue!

Little Grizzy kitty tongue!

Little Grizzy kitty tongue 2

One more peek

I hope to move my site from to my own url. Does anyone have any experience doing that? Any pointers, tutorials, or videos you can send me to?


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Catching up

grizzy cleaning sophie's ears

Allow me to clean your ears…

Grizzy cleans Sophie's ears two

I guess this isn’t so bad…

It’s been a heck of a month, hence my posting being spotty. Good and bad things. These two munchkins have helped ease me through some stressful times. I wish I could take a week off to chill with them and reset but alas, that won’t happen for a while. But when it does, I’ll be loving it! 🙂

In other news, I got my desktop all set up and…space is an issue. I’m using my laptop right now, in fact. I’m thinking over what to do. I prefer working on a desktop, but the area where it is is taken up by my kitchen table, a desk, a file cabinet, a bookcase, and a built-in cabinet. It feels really crowded and I’m bumping into things all the time. (I could never live in one of those micro-houses, haha!) I don’t need a ton of room, but going from a laptop to a desktop was eye-opening in that yeah. I don’t have a ton of space.

I’ll give it a few more days until I decide what to do. Maybe I can find a work-around. In the meantime, got any great suggestions about how to work around a tiny space? Or laptop recommendations–laptops that *feel* like desktops?

Any any rate, I’ve got some posts lined up for this so woo! I feel productive and ready to get back my blogging (and responding to blogs–not just reading) routine. Have a great week! 🙂


Wordless Wednesday

Sophie and G by hallway window

So sweet.


Recent visitors

We’ve had some new visitors at our front patio lately! Check them out:

Sophie and Grizzy and ducks

Sophie runs in for a closer look.

Sophie and G and ducks

Carefully watching our guests.

I love that it’s a male-female pair; they must be boyfriend-girlfriend. 🙂 They’ve been regular visitors for at least a week now. The lady duck was sitting outside last night for quite a while. I wonder if she’s laid eggs nearby?


Wordless Wednesday: The long arm of the G

Grizzy stretched out arm

Laying on the couch, “watching the long arm of the law.” – Jay Z (and Grizzy)

Long legs on Grizzy

Leggy G.


My morning munchkins

Sophie on my bed

Sweet Sophie.

Grizzy on the featherbed

Grizzy in the clouds.

I love, love, love waking up and seeing these two munchkins on the bed with me. Granted, usually it’s me waking up in the middle of the night and feeling their furry little lumps by me. Since it’s usually dark at 2 am, and since they’re both black, I’ll usually reach down the feel the fur to determine which is which. 🙂

Sometimes I’ll take a nap in the daytime and I won’t realize they crawled up on the bed to nap with me. In those cases, you get pictures like the ones above. I’ll wake up and see a little head peeking out from a bunch of blankets. My heart just about explodes. I so love having them sleep with me. I hope they know how much I love them.