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Word-full Wednesday

on May 20, 2015
Sophie rolling around in the hallway

Sophie was so excited to be freed! hahaha

Posting has been sporadic here lately, so let’s change things up. Instead of Wordless Wednesday, it’s Word-full Wednesday!

Reading: I’m reading a couple books–an Ann Rule true crime and another book I can’t think of the title! I see this “Currently” is off to a great start…

Doing: Walking. Trying to get in lots of long walks because it clears my head. And organizing. I’m on this big clean out and open up my space kick. Also, trying to refinish some furniture!

Working on: Refinishing furniture. My place doesn’t get a lot of light, so I’m trying to brighten up my dark furniture with some paint. I wish the weather would start cooperating…

I also hope to move this site over to it’s own URL. Stay tuned.

Watching: Boardwalk Empire! Oh, Richard Harrow, I love you (and Julia Sagorsky) so.

Richard and Julia Sagorsky

Richard and Julia. Credit: Rolling Stone

I absolutely love the costumes, too. I wish more people got dressed up these days.

Listening to: John Newman. I really dig his music.

Wearing: Thrifted dress, cardigan, shoes and necklace. The other day I told a friend I had a moment of “Oh noes!” because I didn’t think I was wearing anything thrifted. Then I realized my necklace was thrifted, and all was right with the world, haha. …It’s not that I have to wear thrifted clothes; it’s that I get such a kick of realizing “I bought this second-hand!” What can I say? I like old stuff.

Hoping: That my car repairs aren’t too expensive or extensive.

Loving: The weather. After it being insanely hot (at least in my place) Sunday, the weather broke and this week it’s been fairly cool. I’m simply not a hot hot weather person.

So, how about you? What are you up to today?

One response to “Word-full Wednesday

  1. You keep busy. Thanks for sharing. We really liked the comment about liking “old stuff”. People used to appreciate old but now life is a never ending chain of new.

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