The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie


The G-man was hunkered down on my bed the other day and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of all those little toes!

G jelly beans

All those jelly beans!

G extreme close up of toes

Extreme close up.

Every time I see those healthy toes I think of when I first adopted him. His pads were covered in a whitish-cast, they were cracked and didn’t look good. Of course, when the shelter got him, he was full of bugs and mites and had worms, so obviously his body was very malnourished. It makes my heart feel full to see his healthy toes today!


Monday, Monday

Or rather, Sunday on a Monday:

S and G kitties on the bed

Lazy Sunday, hanging out on the bed.

I love how Sunday (and even Saturday) seems to be “Let’s hang out on the bed” day. It was lovely.

The weekend was fairly uneventful, but it was nice. Got some painting done, ran errands, saw a children’s play that my lovely niece starred in, and chilled out. I found out on Sunday that my high school reunion was the night before. I found out via a former classmate’s post on Facebook. I questioned him (reunion?) and he then tried to add me to some reunion page (after the fact, mind you) but was unable. Oh, well. If I ever needed any convincing that I didn’t need to attend another high school reunion, that was it. 🙂 Honestly, I kept in touch with one person from high school and sadly, he died a couple years ago. I’ve got one former classmate as a Facebook friend and that’s it. ::shrug::

It’s a short week, yahoo! And it’s almost July, which means the year is half over. Time to queue up some second-half-of-2015 goals. Let’s hope there are good things in store and let’s try to make those good things happen!


Thrifty Thursday – Velvet John (and a bonus Thankful Thursday)

Oh, boy, am I ever glad it’s Thursday. That means two things: Thrifty Thursday and Thankful Thursday, both of which lift my spirits and need right now!

First, thankful Thursday:

  • I am so thankful that last night a neighbor informed me that my car alarm has been going off about 4-5 times a night for the last month or so. It’s an older car, so I’m sure it’s a short and the system can be disabled. I’m not happy I have one more unexpected thing to pay for, but I am happy he told me. After a month. (Really, I’m thankful! But…did he not think to put a note on my car, maybe after the first week of the annoyance? LOL!)
  • I’m also thankful that I was able to swap cars with my mom this morning. My mom has Sirius radio, which is fun. It was especially fun to hear Haim’s “The Wire” on the radio–something that never happens in normal radio. Good way to start the day!
  • And one final thankful bit, I’m thankful that this week is winding down. I try not to wish my days away, but this has been a busy, long week. I’m looking forward to the weekend, where I can paint my new furniture, chill out, and plan blog posts for July! (That’s right, I’ve got a calendar! I’m working ahead! I suppose I should add one more thankful bit: I’m thankful for hope, time management, and the chance to continually improve. 🙂 )

    Now, this Thrifty Thursday is a shout out to our friend Rene About the Cats, the Beatles fan. I think this is a picture of John Lennon? Maybe?

    John Lennon velvet painting

    John Lennon?

    This thing was HUGE. Probably 4″ high and 3″ across. I dig the galaxy behind him. Oh, did I mention it was painted on black velvet? Yes! Truly vintage art. I knew a treasure like this wouldn’t come cheap so I winced as I flipped it over to check out the price. What? Only $4.99! Score!

    Only $4.99

    Only $4.99!

    The thrifting gods have smiled up on me! Oh…wait…

    expensive velvet painting

    Wah, waaaahhh…

    Yep. Evidently some other shop (I’m thinking Goodwill–they used to do the wax-pencil pricing like that) didn’t see the true value in this painting and marked it a paltry $4.99. But the staff at St. Vincent de Paul, they knew a top-notch painting when they saw it and marked it up 10x. (Too bad they weren’t clever enough to put the sticker over the original price.) That was a little too rich for my blood, so it was with a heavy heart that I left what I thought of as “John on Velvet with a Groovy Galaxy” at the store for some art aficionado to take home and love.

    Note:That bit of dress and denim jacket you see in the picture? Both thrifted! Whee!


Wonderful Wednesday

Once again, I need something good to focus on and when Connie suggested a “Wonderful Wednesday” I knew I had just the story.

Last night I came home and opened my front door. One of the cats’ litter boxes is by the door, and I heard some scratching, so I left the door open slightly. A few seconds later he was still scratching, so I thought “Did he get stuck?”

Nope. It was a mouse. I admit, I did the “ayeee!” dance because there was so much commotion. Grizzy kept trying to drop it by my feet, the mouse would play dead for a second, then it’d bolt and Grizzy would grab it again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I scrambled to find a towel big enough to cover the mouse and all I found were washcloths! (Note to self: Do laundry tonight.) I finally found a towel big enough to drop over the mouse…and then he wriggled out. Lordy. I believe he ran back out into the hallway but I’m not sure. All I know is Grizzy stayed on the scene pacing around for a bit, then chilled out there for a while, and then satisfied the mouse was gone, took a well-deserved nap:

Grizzy after mouse

Catching mice is hard work.

Grizzy out after mouse

So handsome!

I’ve two ideas how the mouse got in: 1) people have been propping the front and back doors open. Not much, but enough. It drives me nuts! (I think I’ll put up a sign, because it’s not safe but also bugs and other critters get in.) And 2) later I saw the screen in my bedroom had been popped open. The frame was never good, but it was mangled. I assume the mouse could have gotten in that way? I’m just so glad that neither of the cats go out!

The wonderful?

  • My Grizzy, the hunter and house protector! He was so proud after the mouse incident, strutting around and then laying out like, “Yeah, I’m the man(cat).”
  • Sophie has been the sweetest thing lately, comforting me when I’m stressing.
  • I love where I live. I know I said this yesterday, but I am grateful to have a solid roof over my head and a place that doesn’t mind cats! In fact, most of my neighbors really like Sophie and Grizzy. Lately I’ve been realizing how fortunate I am to have that.
  • Remember yesterday when I said there was one big not-so-great thing in my life that has to do with a place I go to every day? Well, there is also one equally wonderful thing that I am very thankful for: A family member who wasn’t in the greatest health, so to speak, has been doing really well.

    All wonderful things! I hope you all have equally wonderful Wednesdays.


    Terrific Tuesday

    I’ve been having a rough time as of late. There are lots of good thing, but there is one not-so-good thing that is really not-so-good. I found myself getting into a bad funk this morning so I’ve decided to try and turn it around with Terrific Tuesday!

    Sophie and Grizzy snuggled on bed

    I think these two are pretty terrific.

    What else is terrific?
    1) I found a sweet chest of drawers for my living room. It’s not big; about the size of a little table. I hope to paint it this weekend using chalk paint, which I’ve not done before. I can’t wait!
    2) I’ve been doing some freelance work, which is super. I hope it leads to more!
    3) The Sweltering Season (aka summer) hasn’t been so bad in Casa de Bee. A few months ago I was hell-bent on getting out next year and now I think if I do, great; if not, this really is a nice place to live. I enjoy being in walking distance of so many things. I enjoy being able to walk at night. Little things like that are actually big things.

    Three good things for today and there are so many more, to be sure. And hopefully more on the horizon.


    A little lax…

    Posting has been a little lax around here lately. There are a few reasons: I’m trying to move the site over to my own domain, which has been a good learning experience but I’m not quite there yet. Trying to figure out my new-to-me camera so I can get decent photos of the cats instead of fuzzier and fuzzier iPhone photos. (I didn’t have this problem with my last iPhone.) Work, work, and more work. I was recently elected president of my Toastmasters club so I’ve doing a lot of work for that. Last but not least, I’m realizing I don’t have the best time-management skills! This is something I’m actively working on. Admitting it is the first step, right? 🙂

    But for now, a very sweet picture of Sophie and Grizzy:

    Sophie and Grizzy snuggling up on my bed

    Snuggled up on a Saturday.

    We all took a catnap. Grizzy hopped up first, then Sophie came over. I was reading a book and then dozed a bit. When I woke up I found these two snuggled up like this. So sweet!

    I hope y’alls June is going well. Can you believe it’s halfway over? I feel like this summer is going by so quickly…yet another reason I need to sharpen those time-management skills, so I can take advantage of the time that goes by faster and faster!


    Thrifty Thursday – “Carousel” dress

    OK, this dress isn’t from that movie, but whenever I wear it I feel like I should be in one of those 1950s summertime movies.

    Pink flower carousel dress

    It’s very early, can you tell?

    It was very early when I took this pictures and I didn’t get a great night’s sleep. I tried to get a smiley pic just because:

    carousel dress part two

    Cheesy morning grin! No coffee required. No makeup, either. Yikes.

    What I especially love the fact that the shoes, belt, and dress were all thrifted! The dress came with a pink ribbon sash but this morning I saw another blogger post a picture of a pastel dress with black shoes and belt. Since I don’t seem to be comfortable unless I’m wearing at least one black item, ta-da! I also liked that the belt and shoes match (both patent leather). And the shoes were brand new!

    Outfit run-down

    • Belt: $1? (Probably 75 cents, actually)
    • Dress: $12 (This was definitely a splurge, but it’s lined and it was in like-new condition.)
    • Shoes: $3.50 (Brand new! <3)
    • The dress is a little big on the sides, but the belt helps with that. I figured for the very inexpensive price (retail I’d probably put it at around $75, given the brand), it doesn’t have to be a perfect fit. It’s ready-to-wear, anyhow. 🙂

      In cat news, it’s been hot and my two babies aren’t as active as normal. We’ve all been getting a lot of nap time in on those super-hot days. I also found the battery for my camera so I am going to try and take more pictures of them with that. Black cats + iPhone camera = fuzzy pictures. Heck, fuzzy pictures in general, as you can see from above.

      In techie news, I moved some files over to a permanent URL but…I need some help. But hey, one major step down! (I’m trying to teach myself more WordPress, CSS, and all that good stuff, so woo! Yay for summer goals.)

      In life news, some ups, some downs. But as a friend advised, “Ride the chaos!”


    Thrifty Thursday – Around the Web

    I can’t take credit for finding this in a thrift store, though it definitely appears to have resided in one! I’ve seen this in a couple places with no credit, so I have no idea where it was and who found it. I present to you:

    Cat chair

    Cat Chair!

    I think “Whoa” is an appropriate response.

    I do have some thrifted outfit posts coming up, for real. I’m excited to show you! There have simply been some technical issues on this end. But I finally got my computer and am getting that set up how I like it, woo! One techie thing down. I also realized when taking some cat photos with my iPhone (especially this morning) that I need a real camera. Many pictures taken in my house end up shadowy and thus not on the blog. I’ve done some research and I can get a pretty decent camera for not a lot of dough so expect more, better pictures soon!


    How much is that squirrel in the window?

    The other morning, I saw Grizzy atop his tower woefully looking up at the window. He was also making this sad little frustrated sounds. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

    G looking for the squirrel

    What is up or out there?

    I didn’t see any birds, there were no rabbits or chipmunks around…

    G and the squirrel window

    Eagle-eyes may see it now…

    And then I saw it.

    Squirrel in window

    See that little bump in the upper left corner? That’s our squirrel!

    The squirrel either ran up the sides of our patio doors or was hanging out from the balcony upstairs. Either way, it was pretty funny.

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    Happy June!

    I don’t know about you, but my May was a whirlwind. I’m excited to start this new month. I love the fresh start. I also love that my new computer is here and I’m finally learning my way around it, I’ve got some new things coming up for work (yay!), and I’ve got some new goals for myself.

    After switching jobs two months ago, and having to give almost a month’s notice at my previous job, this past quarter (!!) has been pretty crazy. I wasn’t able to take any time off between jobs, which was really difficult. Recently I’ve come across a couple people, independent of each other, who spoke about grieving or transition periods. One said where she’s from in India, they pay people to help you grieve for 13 days. I think that makes sense; maybe not the paying, but the fact that there is a significant time to reflect and transition to a new normal. I really like this idea, and I know other cultures do similar things.

    It’s certainly not a death, but if I ever switch jobs again, I am making sure I have at least a few days to transition. It’s a lot to process, going from one place to another, so it is a transition. I think it’s especially difficult when you really enjoyed the work and left for reasons other than that. Transition time is important. I suppose that’s why I like new months; I like the idea of starting fresh. I’m feeling a bit renewed and more optimistic so thank you, June! 🙂

    I think Sophie feels renewed when she is able to bust out into the hallway and roll around. Photographic evidence:

    Sophie rolling around in hallway


    Sophie tummy in hallway

    You may rub the belleh.

    Sophie punches the air

    Time to punch the air. Ahh…