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Happy June!

on June 1, 2015

I don’t know about you, but my May was a whirlwind. I’m excited to start this new month. I love the fresh start. I also love that my new computer is here and I’m finally learning my way around it, I’ve got some new things coming up for work (yay!), and I’ve got some new goals for myself.

After switching jobs two months ago, and having to give almost a month’s notice at my previous job, this past quarter (!!) has been pretty crazy. I wasn’t able to take any time off between jobs, which was really difficult. Recently I’ve come across a couple people, independent of each other, who spoke about grieving or transition periods. One said where she’s from in India, they pay people to help you grieve for 13 days. I think that makes sense; maybe not the paying, but the fact that there is a significant time to reflect and transition to a new normal. I really like this idea, and I know other cultures do similar things.

It’s certainly not a death, but if I ever switch jobs again, I am making sure I have at least a few days to transition. It’s a lot to process, going from one place to another, so it is a transition. I think it’s especially difficult when you really enjoyed the work and left for reasons other than that. Transition time is important. I suppose that’s why I like new months; I like the idea of starting fresh. I’m feeling a bit renewed and more optimistic so thank you, June! 🙂

I think Sophie feels renewed when she is able to bust out into the hallway and roll around. Photographic evidence:

Sophie rolling around in hallway


Sophie tummy in hallway

You may rub the belleh.

Sophie punches the air

Time to punch the air. Ahh…

4 responses to “Happy June!

  1. Yes, a few days between jobs would have been nice. Leaving a job for any reason is stressful, as is starting a new one.

  2. rykmau says:

    Grizz and Sophie are wonderful destressers. It’s good to be a cat. Hang in there, Susan.

  3. Connie says:

    well that was poor planning on your part.. always schedule yourself some time between jobs, because you don’t take any as you are leaving one, and you don’t get any when you start a new one. May the new job be such a delight you don’t miss having the time.

    • therosiebee says:

      The thing is, my last job required three weeks’ notice. If you didn’t give that much notice, you’d forfeit your accrued PTO. Since I had close to a month banked, I gave the three weeks. I also tried to negotiate with the new place to start in one month but they wouldn’t budge. That’s why I had to start right away with no break between jobs. Now I think I should have taken that as a sign, but live and learn.

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