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A little lax…

on June 15, 2015

Posting has been a little lax around here lately. There are a few reasons: I’m trying to move the site over to my own domain, which has been a good learning experience but I’m not quite there yet. Trying to figure out my new-to-me camera so I can get decent photos of the cats instead of fuzzier and fuzzier iPhone photos. (I didn’t have this problem with my last iPhone.) Work, work, and more work. I was recently elected president of my Toastmasters club so I’ve doing a lot of work for that. Last but not least, I’m realizing I don’t have the best time-management skills! This is something I’m actively working on. Admitting it is the first step, right? 🙂

But for now, a very sweet picture of Sophie and Grizzy:

Sophie and Grizzy snuggling up on my bed

Snuggled up on a Saturday.

We all took a catnap. Grizzy hopped up first, then Sophie came over. I was reading a book and then dozed a bit. When I woke up I found these two snuggled up like this. So sweet!

I hope y’alls June is going well. Can you believe it’s halfway over? I feel like this summer is going by so quickly…yet another reason I need to sharpen those time-management skills, so I can take advantage of the time that goes by faster and faster!

2 responses to “A little lax…

  1. Congrats on being elected President of Toastmasters. Good luck setting up your own domain.

  2. Connie says:

    lax on one thing because busy with something else.. I think your blog can take a back seat for a bit while you work on other things.. (like your blog.. lol)

    but seriously, congrats on being elected president!

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