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Terrific Tuesday – The Roundup

on July 14, 2015

I had a big post written out yesterday but I deleted by accident and blergh. So it goes.

As you may have noticed, while life is good here, I’m also feeling a little blah. Not blue, just blah. Do you ever have times like that? Maybe it’s because summer seems to be the season of unschedules and I’m not used to that? Plus, I’m missing times when I had what seemed like endless energy. But I’m working on getting it back.

That said, here are some things for Terrific Tuesday!

  • Lately when I come home I’ll see these two small fries on my bed. Usually they’re by my pillows, but this time they were on the opposite end. My heart melted when I saw how they were snuggled so close.
  • Sophie and G snuggled up


    Sophie and G smushing

    Kitty smush.

  • Last night I went for a walk. It always seems to clear my head and invigorate me. There was a chance of thunderstorms, so I thought I’d get home before it started pouring. No such luck, but it was great walking in the pouring rain! There was wind, too, and while it wasn’t cold, every time the wind blew I’d lose my breath. It reminded me of when you are on a rollercoaster and you plunge down and your breath is taken away.

    I was sopping wet when I made it to my front door and lo and behold, one of my neighbors buzzed me in! Saved me the trouble of wrangling my keys in the rain. So yay for nice neighbors!

  • Last week I had my first meeting as Toastmasters president. The meeting ran smoothly, everyone seemed to enjoy it, and I felt great! It was cool to feel such a positive, energetic vibe. I’m working with some great officers, so I think this will be a very productive, fun year.

    One of my goals is to have fellowship there. I’ve made so many great friends through the group, and there are so many interesting people there. It’s a good place for fellowship. And what brings people together like food? 🙂

    I promised that if elected, I would bring food to every meeting and I didn’t go back on my promise. Last week I brought an assortment of cookies with chocolate on them. Well, it was hot last week and they were in my car so they were a little melty when I brought them to the meeting. Still, people ate them! It made me feel really good to see people back at the cookie table, chocolate all over their fingers, chatting with one another. Toastmasters is such a wonderful group; I’m very proud to be a part of it.

  • What is terrific in your world this Tuesday?

    3 responses to “Terrific Tuesday – The Roundup

    1. Ah, you’re a better President than I am. I didn’t take food to my first meeting. I told a story related to the Happy New Year theme and posted on it. Poor Marcus does get picked on! 🙂 Enjoy your presidency!

    2. Rene S says:

      I’m thankful for bike rides on the Drumiln Trail. I remind myself to breathe deeply and inhale the fresh air. It is tiring but invigorating each time I go out.

    3. Connie says:

      we were out walking yesterday and it started raining. most of the tourists went scurring, but it was so nice I didn’t mind getting wet.

      And I’d eat melty chocolate cookies too.. yum! Glad your meeting went well

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