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Thrifty Thursday – Christmas in July

on July 16, 2015
Christmas in July globe

Christmas in July!

I couldn’t help it. 🙂

Here is another interesting find:

Orange turnip lime pattern dress

Talk about a loud print…

I thought this was hands-down one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. However, I’m sure someone wore it and loved it. I love thinking about that: Who wore it? What drew them to this dress? Did they like the loud print and colors? Are their retinas intact?

Union made dress...not something you see every day.

Union made…not something you see every day.

I like checking labels, too. A union-made label is not something you see very often these days. It must have been a huge sense of pride back in the day. Oh, how things change. Think about everything that’s happened since you were born; on one hand, it probably doesn’t seem like much, but on the other hand, if you dig a little deeper, so much has changed. So often, what’s changed disappears–it gets eaten up by time’s passing. That’s one of the many reasons I like thrifting: you can get a peek into times past and have a chance to “re-live” or envision it before it heads off into obscurity (or the landfill). And sometimes, you can even save it from both!

3 responses to “Thrifty Thursday – Christmas in July

  1. Rene S says:

    Is that a snow globe in the nativity?? Wow, that’s something else. And ok, while I would never wear a dress like that, I think the pattern would look fun as reusable shopping bags. . .

  2. Connie says:

    there be some interesting things at the thrift store

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