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Sophie = Gumby?

on July 17, 2015
Sophie's Gumby arm

That’s a little bendy…

Sophie's Gumby leg

A closer view.

When I first saw Sophie’s leg crooked like this I was worried. It looked so strange! I didn’t want her to be paralyzed. Thankfully she wasn’t. ::paranoid cat mom::

(Also, I realize there are a bunch of seeds on the carpet there. I do vacuum, really. Sometimes when I put seeds out for the birds I spill, and sometimes I document it, hahah.)

Happy Friday, all! It’s been a week, hasn’t it? I feel like I’m always saying that lately! Here is the good news: while this hasn’t been the smoothest past couple months of life, I feel like things are turning a corner.

It’s like when you’re running a race. Now, if you signed up for the race, generally you like to run or you like the feeling you get when you’re done. You’re doing it of your own free will. With any race, there are good points and bad points. (Let’s face it: no one likes hills.) There is good and bad and you’re handling both in stride (no pun intended), but then you see that mile marker and you realize you’ve reached another milestone and you feel so good like, “Yes, I can do this!”

yes wrestler

That’s more or less how I feel now. I’m certainly not ready to throw my hands up and say, “I’m done. No more race for me.” What has helped is picking out mile markers and using those as my goals; seeing them pop up every once in a while is such a great feeling. I saw some this week so YAY!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

One response to “Sophie = Gumby?

  1. Connie says:

    YAY mile markers, hitting those can make quite a difference can’t it?

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