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Monday musings

Sophie half under ottoman


I was on the couch this past weekend and I got up and boop! There was Sophie hanging out half under the ottoman, all “What’s up, Momma?” I love that fiesty little girl.

Sophie half under ottoman part 2

Don’t mind me, Momma, I’m just hanging out.

In regards to my high school reunion post last week, I’m sorry to hear that some of you didn’t have a great high school experience. Mine was pretty awful, to be honest. I remember very little about high school, which is weird. It’s as if my memory of those years has been wiped clean. There wasn’t one defining traumatic event, it was simply a lot of “not good” or downright awful days that I didn’t think served a purpose taking up space in the brain, I guess. I’m very glad I’ve been able to fill it with much better memories since then!

I did find it interesting, though, that when I was added to my reunion group, the organizer didn’t say “Oops, sorry we missed you at the reunion–yesterday.” There was no acknowledgment, period. Hmm. Plus, who has a reunion and Anyhow, since I never asked to be added, I removed myself. 🙂

In random news, eep! I’m excited and nervous about tomorrow. Here’s hoping for good things!


Thrifty Thursday: Red, White, Blue and Bizarre

Lately I’ve seen some amusing things at thrift stores, and they all happened to be red, white, or blue, so without further ado:

st vinnie's no dumping sign

I’m confused…

Do they not want donations? Maybe they don’t want drive-by donations?

No! Christmas at this time.


I suppose this means there will be no Christmas in July sales. Darn!

Laxatives at St. Vinnie's

Friend or foe?

This cracked me up because for one, it was at at thrift store, neatly housed with the other typical thrift store goods, such as bandages, “vomit basins” (or as I like to call them, “those plastic puke catchers”), and syringes. Yes, syringes.

Second reason it cracked me up? It’s a “mini” enema, as opposed to a full-on enema. If you’re going to go that route, wouldn’t you want to go big?

Finally, it cracked me up because I understand the “ease” part; enemas don’t seem like a good time, so why not make it easy, “ease” things along, etc.? But if you say the name fast, it becomes “enemies.” If I had to take some thrift-store laxatives, I’m not sure I’d want to buy a brand that can sound like it’s my enemy. Especially if it’s going to have me, ah, stuck on the toilet for a time.

In related news, I believe I crossed over to a new level of thrifting this morning. As I was driving out of my neighborhood I saw a little table/hutch/thing at the side of the road with a sign saying “Please take.” I stopped, backed up, and parked. Got out of my car, looked to see if anyone else was around (I didn’t want to have to brawl) and scooped it up. It’s currently in the backseat of my car. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it; maybe I’ll keep it for a time and eventually drop it off at Goodwill? Maybe I’ll refinish it? But I liked the look of it, it’s solid wood, and I thought it was too good to pass up. Pictures forthcoming!

And in a thankful note, I’m so thankful it’s a three-day weekend! I’m also thankful that this summer has not been as nearly as sweltering as I had anticipated. In fact, it’s pretty darn great. 🙂

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Not-quite Wordless Wednesday

Sophie's eyebrow triangles

Little triangles!

I love how on darker kitties you can see “triangles” or spots above their eyebrows. For instance, when I look at the picture above, from the angle it was shot it looks like Sophie has two faint white triangles above her eyebrows. So cute!

Can you believe it’s July already! We’re officially in the second half of 2015! I’m optimistic that it will bring good things. Speaking of good things, here are some Wonderful Wednesday bits!

  • Grizzy (I’m assuming it was him) caught the mouse! I found it a day later when I was vacuuming. It was tucked between the chair and the lamp. I feel bad that I wasn’t able to get the mouse outside, but I also think G must have felt pretty good for getting it, so I’m trying to take the Lion King/”circle of life” attitude.
  • I’ve got something good lined up for tomorrow that I can’t talk about right now. (I hate it when people say that, but it’s really true in this case.) So any prayers, good wishes, thoughts, etc., are much appreciated! Also for next Tuesday. 🙂
  • I’ve got blogs scheduled, at least for this month. I haven’t quite figured out the issues with transferring things over to, but blogs are queued up. Hooray for getting more organized!

    Happy July, everyone!

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