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Remembering Bubba

on September 12, 2015

It’s been a while since I posted anything of substance, so how ’bout a catch-up post?

The last month has been one thing after another, to put it bluntly. Work stuff, Toastmasters stuff, life stuff, being sick for the past week…but the one that affected me most was my grandma, Bubba, passing away.

Bubba passed away two weeks ago today. She was 99 and would have been 100 on April 3. It was very peaceful. Up until the very last week she was her spry, witty, spitfire self. I saw her on Monday and I could tell her body was simply wearing out. I wanted to go again but Toastmasters stuff ate up a few days (I’m still kicking myself about that. I will also be honest with anyone who asks and say President is a HUGE responsibility so it’s not “a breeze” like people told me). Anyhow, I saw Bubba on Monday and when I saw her again on Friday she was in her bed, not in her chair, and in a deep sleep. My aunt was crying and said on Thursday things changed and that day (Friday), she hadn’t been awake at all. Bubba was very strong, independent, and knew her mind. I think she decided she was ready to go and that was that. On Saturday she passed away peacefully with my mom, sister, and me in the room.

…wow. That was hard to write. I miss her so much.

The funeral was last Friday and Saturday. It was really nice. Bubba really liked the pastor at the home where she lived (it was a larger place with a rehab floor, an assisted living floor, a full-out nuring home floor, etc.). He said he would walk down the hall and inevitably he would hear Bubba call out “Chaplain!” as he walked by. He knew then he would settle in not to much to talk to, but to be talked to by Bubba. 🙂 She would ask him questions about his sermon and give suggestions for what she would have done. I literally laughed out loud when he recalled her saying, “Remember, I’m listening to you, even if no one else is.”

It makes me smile even now because that is so Bubba. I told my sister she probably wanted him to know just because he’s at a nursing home, he can’t phone it in on Sundays. He needs to earn his pay. LOL

Bubba was a really cool lady. I’m sure I get my love of cats from her. I remember visiting her when I was a kid and being so excited because there were always one or two or three cats at her house. She also fed the strays outside. I remember being so excited the first time one of her cats chose to curl up in my lap. This was a big deal for a five or six year-old kid! After that first time, I would sit patiently on a chair hoping one of the cats to see my lap and decide it was time to take a snooze.

Bubba always had such a good attitude. When I asked her about growing up during the Depression, she seemed a bit surprised at my reaction. “Everyone was poor!” she said, with genuine surprise. “Everyone was the same, so it really wasn’t such a big deal.” She recalled men coming up to the house occasionally, looking for work, and her mom always made them a sandwich. Isn’t that what life is about? Appreciating what you have, sharing what extra you have with people who have even less, and building that community?

There are other stories I could share, but right now the two big things I’m feeling is 1) missing her, and 2) committed to adapting her attitude. I stress way too much. This past month has brought a lot of pretty stressful things (hence my sporadic blogging), and I know I’ll probably always stress a bit, but I know I can also not stress as much. Life is too good, and too short, to spend the majority of it freaking out about something.

Unless it’s cats; I don’t mind freaking out and squeeing over kittehs. 🙂

3 responses to “Remembering Bubba

  1. Rene S says:

    What a wonderful photo of her. Glad you have so many memories and lessons from her. It’s funny you mention her and the cats. My earliest memories in life are with my grandma and cats too! She was lucky to have you as a granddaughter.

  2. Sounds like she was a big influence on you. Thanks for sharing about her and your early memories of her cats. Sending a hug!

  3. Connie says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. As someone whose grandparents passed when I was very young I have none of those memories. You are so blessed to have known her so well.

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