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Thrifty Thursday: Pyrex Hurri-Candle

on November 19, 2015
Hurri-Candle and Mini-Hurri-Candle!

Pyrex: It’s not just for baking dishes!

Since next Thursday is Thanksgiving, I wanted to share an item that might end up on your (or a neighbor’s) table: the Pyrex Hurri-Candle!

I found these at a teeny-tiny thrift store by my house. I had no idea these existed, did you? I assumed Pyrex simply made bowls, plates, and other serving and storage ware. A quick search online shows a bunch of “vintage” Pyrex Hurri-Candles, so I checked out Pyrex’s website. No Hurri-Candles were to be found, so I think it’s safe to assume they are no more. Here’s something interesting, though: Pyrex makes laboratory glassware! This does make sense, but it still tickles me to think “Huh. I’m sitting here baking bread in a Pyrex dish and some person is in a lab whipping something up in a Pyrex container, too!”

Also, happy birthday Pyrex! They’re celebrating 100 years.

2 responses to “Thrifty Thursday: Pyrex Hurri-Candle

  1. Rene S says:

    An idea that was probably too soon for its time, LOL.

  2. Connie says:

    well those are interesting, I wonder if they are worth anything

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