The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Thrifty Thursday: Maneki-neko

This past weekend I needed to get out of dodge for a bit, so a friend and I went drove down to the state border where there are outlet malls, antique stores, and a whole lotta nothing. We spent a good chunk of time in one of the antique stores. Imagine my joy when, near the end of our puttering around, I saw this maneki-neko!

thrift-store maneki-neko

I’m a bank, too!

I’ve long looked for a maneki-neko and never found one *on my own* that I’ve liked. A dear friend found an awesome pair that I love; I keep one in my living room and one at work. Yet I’ve never found one–on my own–that really beckoned to me (pun intended) until this past weekend. The price was right, so I brought him home and now he watches over me and the furkids while we sleep.

Hopefully he’ll bring me some good luck, too! 🙂


Sophie in the sink

Sophie side-eyin' in a sink.

Sophie side-eyin’ in a sink.

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of Sophie. 🙂

Things are kind of blah here lately, but the kitties sure make me happy. Especially when they do adorable thing like hang out in sinks.


Sophie turns 3!

I will update this weekend (for real! it’s on the agenda!) but for now I wanted to quickly say Happy Birthday to my sweet Sophie! My tiny furball turns three today!

Sophie the cat lounges

The lady lounging.

She loves tummy rubs (on her terms, which usually means at 2 am), she always has to sleep touching me, and my little sweetheart is starting to warm up to people, myself included. I don’t know that she’ll ever be as snuggly as G which is OK, but she’s definitely taken the diva-ness down a notch. 🙂

Happy birthday, sweet Sophie girl!