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Sibling love and summer dresses

on June 13, 2016
Sophie and Griz hug

Sophie and Griz hug

These two small fries sat on me bed as I pulled out some summer clothes. I love that they keep me company.

In other news, I had a summer first: poison ivy! Let me tell you, this is no fun. It’s been a full week and two days (this is a week and day three). Yesterday it seemed to be better, albeit looking gross from scabbing over, but this morning it’s much puffier. Maybe parts of it are blistering? I got it pretty good so I guess I’ll give it some more time. And wear long socks next time!

2 responses to “Sibling love and summer dresses

  1. Rene S says:

    Oh ick! I’m glad I’ve never had poison ivy, but I’ve had plenty of cases of “swimmer’s itch,” so I know what a lingering rash can feel like. Here’s to it clearing up fast!

  2. Connie says:

    Yet one more reason I don’t want to go outside.

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