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Thrifty Thursday: The sleepover

Did you know you can find patterns at thrift stores? I knew there were usually craft stashes–fabric, yarn, ribbons–but I’m a little embarrassed to admit until fairly recently I didn’t realize you could often find a wealth of patterns! Some really fun ones, too.

Check out this beaut:

All set for the guys-only slumber party! Men's nightgown patterns

All set for the guys-only slumber party!

There’s a lot I really like about this, but I have to start out with the giggly stuff:

  • I imagine they are…oh, heck, I was going to say a slumber party but that’s just…where they heck are they? Are they going to tuck into twin beds with scratchy Army blankets? LOL
  • The guy in the middle, in the light blue. Is that a pseudo-pimp cane he’s kind of leaning on? Is it the top of a (very low) bannister? Is it the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
  • The guy to the right of him, in the navy blue print holding the alarm clock. “We’re all set to wake up bright and early!”
  • Then whoa, hold up! Here comes Jaunty Joe in a bright red nightshirt. “Hold up, boys, I just had to slip into my PJs and get my pipe. Now I’m ready for bed.”On a serious note, I love the retro-ness of this. It reminds me of movies like “White Christmas,” where everyone, even the men, wore impeccably tailored clothing. I’m not sure it’s 100% functional for most people’s lives, but it sure looks cool.

    I am finding myself more and more taken by the retro aesthetic. The details were so interesting. Even the “cheesy” things are cool to check out now. It makes me think of my parents and grandparents smiling as they recounted “the good” music and traditions that were big when they were younger. Am I turning into them? If I am, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. 🙂


Sophie is shipping off!

Well, not really; we would never let that happen! 🙂

Sophie kitty in a box

Off to a great adventure? Or just a nice nap?

Last night I was prepping and wrapping some Christmas goodies. I had just finished taping the bottom of a shipping box and poof! Sophie immediately jumped in and got comfy. I think I may have to get her a shipping box of her very own. After all it’s the perfect Sophie size!


Sophie tucks in

My little Sophie loves to burrow. If there is a hole or a spot to squeeze into, she will find it. Case in point: I left my drawer open and within seconds she had jumped in. She really blended in. Good thing I saw her! 🙂

Sophie in a drawer

I spy with my little eye…


Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Edition!

Things have been admittedly slow here on ye ole blog, but there are some things happening behind the scenes. I will post more a little later this month, when I know more about a potential move to a new url (

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to bust out Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Edition!

For this week’s installment, I present Beans & StuffTM. I now wish I bought this because it’s so retro and funky and fun. It’s basically a crock on a hotplate.

Beans & Stuff Crock

Beans & Stuff

Check out all you can make in it: baked beans, stews, soups, dried fruit…dried fruit?! I side-eyed that because really? A quick google search showed me that there is at least one way to dry fruit in a slow cooker, I mean, Beans & StuffTM crock.

Other things to note:

  • Check out the reflection in that crock. Is that a tripod hanging out in someone’s “kitchen”?
  • Those nails. I love me some painted nails but those are straight outta Dynasty. 

    Happy Thrifting!