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Thrifty Thursday: The ’90s humidifer

on January 5, 2017

I do have a fun Thrifty Thursday post for your, but first, how about a 2016 wrap-up?

I’ve been thinking of 2016 as “The Year of the Bully.” Professionally I had to deal with at least one person who was easily one of the nastiest people I’ve ever met. I still get updates about his reign of terror from people who have to work with him, poor things.

Personally, I took a step back from a group I had been very involved with because there was a person whom leadership acknowledged was a bully, yet they did nothing. But by saying “No” to that, I can say “Yes” to some really great, positive things. That’s a win.

I must admit 2016 had some good things happen. I met a really great guy, yay. I have a job I really enjoy. I learned about some interesting new volunteer opportunities that I hope to try this year. So, I’m definitely starting 2017 on a positive note. I hope it is wonderful for all of you, too.

Now, for Thrifty Thursday! It’s definitely winter and the heat is on, which dries everything out. That’s why humidifiers are so wonderful. Of course, this one from the late ’80s, early ’90s cracks me up.

The bad haircut, the campy poses, the dog under the table…I tell ya, the photo shoot for this was stellar. They created images for the ages! Without further ado:

Furnace humidifier '80s

It’s that time – time to bust out the humidifier!

humidifier girl hacking away

Eliminate those parched throats and wacky faces!

humidifier boy bad haircut

Sadly, it cannot eliminate a bad cut from the early ’90s.

humidifier dead dog

Is that dog dead?!

That last picture – the dog under the table to demonstrate a comfortable home…I have to shake my head a little.

Here’s to a wonderful, static-free 2017!

2 responses to “Thrifty Thursday: The ’90s humidifer

  1. Glad you were able to make some positive decisions about your life. It’s no fun to volunteer or work with a bully!

  2. Connie says:

    Glad to hear of all the positives. I’m glad the bully is out of your life.

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