The Rosie Bee

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Two-fur Tuesday

on August 15, 2017
Sophiekitty and Grizzy on the desk chair

Sophie looking thrilled.

Sophiekitty and Grizzy on the desk chair 2

No flash this time. 🙂

Both of the cats LOVE the basement. Literally every time I go down there they will zoom after me and start chirping, Sophie especially. It’s like she’s trying to have an in-depth conversation with me. While I don’t quite understand it, it makes me smile. Who knew basements could be so exciting?

The basement houses our washer and dryer, a little “man cave,” and an office area. Grizzy likes to perch on the office chair, but this time Sophie was there first. That meant Grizzy had to act like a typical big brother and wrestle her right on the chair. The nice thing is they have lots of room to run around, so when Sophie got tired of this she leapt off the chair, ran, and led G around the basement a few times.

In other news, I’m tired. Who else is with me? haha

Happy Tuesday!

2 responses to “Two-fur Tuesday

  1. Rene S says:

    Everyone loves our basement too, especially when I do laundry. Ringo finds the washer very interesting.

  2. that is adorable. I love it when they have conversations with me (although when they sit just out of reach and complain at me, that is a different story)

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