The Rosie Bee

Starring Grizzy and Sophie

Where there’s a bag…

there’s a cat (trying to get inside).


Sophie kitty snuggled up in Qdoba bag

Looks like a tight fit, but when we pull back the handles a bit…

Sophie kitty snuggled up in Qdoba bag

She looks surprisingly comfy!

Sophie kitty in the Qdoba bag

Grizzy is trying to finagle a way into the bag, too.

Been reflecting on this past year. Has it ever gone by fast! I read that one hypothesis as to why times seems to go by faster as we age is we’re not creating super-new memories. That is, usually some aspect of the event has been seen / felt / heard, etc. I wonder. Either way, it’s been a good year and I’m starting to reflect on it and everything that’s happened. And seeing as I am down for the count with a cold (ARGH!) I’ve been getting lots of couch-and-kitty time to do so.

I hope your December is going swimmingly!


A bonded pair

Isn’t this a sweet picture of the furkids?

Sophiekitty and Grizzy on the chair

One of my favorite pictures of the small fries.

Everyone once in a while I think of shelter kitties with the sign “bonded pair.” It broke my heart that they were in the shelter, but it also made me so happy that they had a true, close friend.

Lately I’ve seen these guys snuggled up together on their couch cushion (yes, “their” cushion. Up until a few months ago it was only Grizzy’s cushion). It makes my heart melt. My little bonded pair who will stay with me forever. ❤