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Tidying up and mystery kitty

on February 6, 2018

I think a theme for this month will be “Waaaait! Slooow dowwwwn!” Work is really busy right now and so are things at home. (Lots of birthdays and some upcoming travel.) Still, I’m trying to focus on my goal of getting organized. I haven’t make that my official goal this year, but now I have. 2018: The Year I Get Organized (hahaha).

Anyhow, I’ve mentioned before that the spare bedroom is the catch-all room. Countless times I’ve said “I’m going to clean it this weekend!” and I don’t. It struck me that instead of saying I’m going to clean it–the whole thing–I need to break it down into tasks: cleaning off the dresser, cleaning off the desk, cleaning off the bed. It seems when I tackle one thing, like the dresser, it stays clean.

Last night I cleaned off the bed, which has previously been home to a few piles of clothes, and you wouldn’t believe how much lighter and how accomplished I feel. It feels good to be more organized (although that room is definitely a work in progress).

And now for something totally different…

Last week my mom told me a new cat came up to her back patio. She said it was a sweet orange tabby with a partially black ear. She gave him some food and said if he came back she’d take him to the humane society. He was so friendly, he needed a home.

A few days later I scrolled through Facebook and saw him!

Orange tabby from my parents' house

The mystery kitty from my parents’ house.

The local humane society posted he was found on my parents’ street, was scared but very friendly, and “If you know me, call…”. I hope he get adopted soon. The funny part it, he looks so much like our now-passed cat Bob (or “Loo,” as I called him). Bob had frostbitten ears, too, so the resemblance is striking.

It makes me happy that my parents were able to get him and take him to the humane society, where he had a chance of finding a happy forever home. In fact, I wonder if my parents will adopt him…

3 responses to “Tidying up and mystery kitty

  1. so when you finish de-cluttering your house, could come de-clutter ours so we can clutter it back up again? That’s such fun.

  2. rykmau says:

    Oh, that mystery kitty is so sweet. I was hoping your parents would adopt him but I know he will find a good, loving and furrever home soon. So kind of your parents to rescue him. Maybe he is the reincarnation of Bob (Loo) and came for a visit.

  3. funny that you saw the post on fb. It is good that he is safe.

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